Anyone play smite?

Been playing smite a TON lately and am wondering if any of you also play it. My username is NinjaBryden (Surprise) of you guys wanna play with me some time!

Actually I played it back when I had it on the Xbox. I used to only play that two sided lady called Hel I think? Now that I think about it, I should redownload it on the switch.

I’m also playing it on the Switch, and was frankly surprised that worked at all. The difference in precision and speed compared to mouse and keyboard is a thing, though.
I’m doing okay on Cerberus, for instance, and can often carry games from the Guardian position. Some warriors work for me, too, like Guan Yu and Amaterasu.
With Sol, I ended up at a 50/50, through sheer force of will - but PC players will always be able to land more autos and turn faster. On a controler, turning speed comes at the cost of precision, and that really makes Hunters and Gods with narrow skillshots an absolute PITA to play.

I’m having fun, more often than not, but lately I’m also noticing all the ways in which Smite (in its current iteration) doesn’t compare favourably to Vainglory (at its best).
Back in the Smite beta, we also had a free item tree, rather than locked by role - which ends up shoehorning you into two or three optimal builds, with very little room for creativity.
And as a result, you can not really play Gods in off-meta roles, either. That’s one of the things I enjoyed most in VG. To throw people off with an offensive Cathy (before it became meta), or to support with Glaive. Hell, even after all the nerfs and adjustments to limit Phinn to the Captain role, you could still win games by stacking CP and bringing the anchor down.

'just goes to show what we lost with VG, and how good of a game it really was, at its peak - not just “for mobile”, but in its own right.


Actually there is plenty of flexing in terms of roles. Anubis can be played in mid or solo and is an off meta jungler (I HATE Anubis tho). Fenrir is also a jungler that can go solo due to his lifesteal from his 2. Hercules is also a warrior that is a great support pick do to his INSANE displacement abilities, tankiness, and raw damage (Actually a viable support pick in competitive play and is generally banned). Hel can be played in mid or support due to her healing too. There’s also Odin who can go solo due to his 2 making him super tanky and his 3 being a great poke tool or jungle because of his fantastic ability to gank with his 1 (Which goes pretty far and goes over most walls) and ult.

The main thing VG had that Smite doesn’t have is the ability to build hybrid or have two different build paths in terms of the type of damage you can deal since each god only scales off of one type of damage.

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Perhaps I phrased that badly. What I was trying to get at is that the examples you gave are not a result of player agency, but directly derived from the ability kit.
You can’t really call a God “off-meta” in a certain role, if his kit makes him meta regardless of designation. Hercules is a good example; just like Thor acting as top-meta assassin/warrior/mage due to his kit being in the same broken state since beta.

In VG, it was possible to play a lot of heroes in two to three distinct roles (with some being able to choose between WP and CP paths on top), and that would be reflected in itemization. Especially having heals scale off bonus HP was a smart solution, in that regard.
Compare that to lane Hel and support Hel in Smite, and the biggest difference is probably the starting item.

What kinda vexes me is that Smite went from an open item tree, with similar options to VG, to the current locked version. There were even experimental hybrid kits, at some point. And while the switch definitely had benefits for balancing, that’s not really reflected in a balanced God selection.

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Im a little late BUT HAS THE GAME BEEN UPDATED?!?!?

I finally downloaded it on the switch and it looks sooooOoOoO different from when I played it on the Xbox a couple years back… And I say that because I used to play alot of Hel back then and she looks somewhat different from the last time I saw her!

I started playing Izanami and Olorun. The game feels like a mix of LoL or OW and Im really vibing with it.

Also my ign is Risechu as usual so if yall wanna play, i have some time before my classes start up again.

Yeah it’s a pretty different game rn. They actually just recently made minor adjustments to the UI this patch too

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That may be true, but most of the build variation comes from what kind of stats you work towards such as anti heal, penetration, raw power, etc. There are also a lot of different effects which mirror each other such as runic shield and jade emperor’s crown. It is true that some gods can’t be designed in a way a hero like Idris was designed, but it has its pros and cons

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From what I can tell, most (all?) of the older character models were re-worked. In the Avatar section, there’s even portraits of some of the original models available.
The result is a bit of a mixed bag, for me. The style seems more cartoonish, overall, with outsized extremities and tiny heads on some male Gods, while female ones tend to suffer from a serious case of “over-boobage”. I just can’t bring myself to play Nu Wa - it’s too cringe.
At the same time, a lot of the faces look like a discredited plastic surgeon stumbled into a doll factory while drunk, and went on to rack up cases of malpractice there. Poor Freya.
And then there’s the proliferation of semi-official anime cross-overs, which basically just follow the pattern of sticking increasingly larger “anime-back-halos” on skins. I’m sure there’s an actual term for those, but colour me clueless.

On the up-side, we usually get at least one cool skin for each God. Depending on the contender, there are not that many different ones, if you discount all the re-colours - but some actual anime characters were implemented well, and even in skin-starved cases, there’s something for everyone. The latest Hel skin was really neat, for instance.
A whole lot of them can not be purchsed outright, sadly. Locked behind limited time lootboxes, until you get lucky and catch them during a “deal of the day” offer. Others were tied to events, like the grey-ish Guan Yu, which happens to be the best out of the bunch.

My point of comparison is even further back than yours, but I think what changed is increased mana regeneration combined with movement ability creep.
It feels like the game as a whole took a turn away from careful positioning and slowly building an advantage, towards making plays. It’s a lot more dynamic than what I seem to recall, and if you’re familiar with Overwatch, I could imagine that’s right up your alley.
I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, at times, with the Switch screen being so small that I can’t see where I’m aiming skillshots (with the Y-axis being obscured by creeps and so on) and everyone being so frigging mobile.
It definitely feels like a lot more is happening, though, and that probably makes gameplay more engaging for a wider audience.

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I just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Hi-Rez. They replaced in-game advertisements for skin sales with messages supporting protesters and Black Lives Matter.
After a quick look at reddit, reactions consist in large parts of the predictable “this shouldn’t be in a game” and “aLl LiVeS mAtTeR!!1” - so taking a stance for decency is coming at a cost past lost revenue from those ads.

Let’s hope that bringing this up in spaces where it challenges the views of a younger audience will spark discussion, at least.


Its amazing to see a well known company to put morals over money. The devs talk to the community on reddit, which I like, but this makes me humanize High Rez even more.

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Also one thing I love about Smite is the amount of neutral objectives in the map. Gold Fury, Oracle Furies, Duo Harpies, Pyro, and Fore Giant gives each team a lot to do as well as many opportunities to possibly come back in terms of exp if they can macro well. It also makes jungling feel very impactful even compared to a game like League. It also allows a lot of leeway for laners to go into jungle for camps without having to starve the jungler due to the amount of exp camps scattered throughout the map. It’s great.

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This morning I was kicked from my match due to the emergency maintenance and while I was trying to find the reason for it, two reddit posts showing this were locked and hidden from the feed… ?

Potential Leaks

ATLA was my favorite childhood show, so if its true, that would be awesome.

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Yo hol up that’s pretty sick. Good thing I have my gems ready for it!

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The RWBY skins are some of my favourites, so if they match that quality for the Avatar cross-over, it would be pure awesomeness.

The gems to buy them with are another story. 'managed to scrape together enough for a battlepass, but that’s probably not enough for even a single skin.
Do you guys happen to know whether they come down in price, eventually? The RWBY deals are all at 1.700 gems or something, and those have been out for a while.

From what I remember… No. HighRez is sturdy once they come to a decision and I really havent seen them drop skin prices at all. But that was a couple years ago so idk if they changed.

Thanks a lot. I’m really tempted to get the new Nu Wa skin. It turns her from unplayable cringe into a frigging badass. So I may just do that, since it opens up a God I wouldn’t touch, otherwise - and hope I get the other cool skins from battlepass chests, eventually.

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Ik the Avatar team and netflix were doing something big for the next show but IG HighRez wanted some of that excitement as well.

I got the current BP since it had alot of cool ff style rewards (nice border) but Ig ill be getting the next one too since… SKADI GOT A KORRA SKIN :easter_happy_2:

Aang being a Merlin skin works PERFECTLY too

Only thing I’m sad about is the lack of earth bending. What about Terra? She is LITERALLY an earth bender

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