Anyone here play gacha games?

I play granblue fantasy, its a great old style jrpg and has a really good story. The art is amazing aswell, i thnk the gacha is pretty fair and is very f2p friendly. Anyone play it aswell?

I used to play Unison League, but that’s really the only one I ever played. (One of the officers in my guild convinced everyone to try it, and several of us got hooked.)

They’re honestly a guilty pleasure of mine. I really don’t like how they’re just glorified gambling for the most part, but I still play 3 of them at the moment, DBZ Dokkan Battle (both the English and JP versions), Fire Emblem Heroes, and Dragalia Lost, mainly bc they’re the only ones that managed to keep me somewhat interested and provided me with good enough pulls to give me boxes that I’m too satisfied with to abandon. I have enough decency to remain full F2P with no plans to ever spend money on them, though.
I actually played Granblue a long time ago (around the time of the Taito collab, iirc) but I never really got into it. Is it a good time to start playing now (in terms of good banners for a new player to reroll on and such) or should I wait for a big event or something to start?

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Hello :wave: I heard gatcha games and I think its my job to atleast comment on the thread.

The only gatch I play is Honkai Impact 3 and Sdorica. I “want” to get into Granblue fantasy but the style isnt really my cup of tea.

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Oh gbf is having their 5th annaversy event rn, free rolls til end of the month, tbh grids are much more important than characters but characters just makes life much easier.

Also i play Dragalia but im not as invested into it


Oh nice guess I’ll try to get back into it.
I haven’t been playing a lot of Dragalia lately tbh. I still do daily logins and occasional pulls on banners that interest me but I lost a little bit of interest when I pulled very hard (for a F2P) on the Christmas and Valentines banners without getting the seasonal waifus I wanted.

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I find gbf gacha generally better especially since they have two galas every month

Ah, that’s nice to hear. I got a pretty good number of SSR characters, weapons, and summons with the sheer amount of free stuff I got. Pulled the current banner Yuel and from my minimal research, I hear she’s good enough for a beginner, so I guess I’ll keep this catgirl account. Plus I really don’t want to bother that much with rerolling rn so that probably helps in me wanting to keep it

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noice u gotta summer yuel she will come back later in the year for summer, I pulled summer Jeanne d’arc today. also the gala is at the end of the month is called premium gala, currently today is the last day of the flash gala. also just check gbf guides online since their is a lot to learn and grind( ps set ur own goals and play at ur own pace)

heres an overview of mostly everything, only slightly outdated.

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i play dragon project (global version)
it’s an arpg with one touch controls (thx god)
pretty nice and generous gacha game

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i was hella invested in Duel Links. even had 3x mirror walls and 2x sphere kuriboh. sadly these gacha game uses some weird saving style and i lost all of my process when my phone died. havent touch any game like these ever since.

Another ssr :smile:

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I was hooked on Dragalia Lost for a couple of weeks, or maybe even months but now I just end up installing an update every time I open the app. Its worth opening purely because of the free pulls.

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I open it up for free pulls but dont spend as much time grinding it as Granblue since gbf has a ton of stuff i need to finish like for example making my seraphic weapon an SSR, Dragalia ik the gameplay is more interactive and all but i just find gbf more fun. Current gbf is handing out from pulls like candy since its an annaversry.
The worse part of gacha in Dragalia is wyrmprints which i find it distruptive towards the pool.

Wrymprints are disruptive but Im glad that I get to pull dragons quite easily.

Sadly i have more prints than ssr adventurers

Fate Grand Order anyone…? I’d gladly add

Another ssr!

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what game is that UwU


Granblue Fantasy