Anyone here play gacha games?


Wow caught me off guard since I saw the website address bar…


Its a browser game and app :3 i play it on my phone browser


Honkai Impact 3 is one I’ve been playing lately


OOOOOH! What server do you play on?

Chinese, Japan, SEA, or Global.


HI 3rd is a GREAT game … I don’t play it nearly enough, tbqh.


Gacha games eh?

Does ‘Tokyo Afterschool Summoners’ count?

I tentatively started it at first because it looked interesting. Then the story was quite captivating.


Seeing it being held in high regards, I decided to search it up on the appstore.

Until… I did some research to only find that the game itself is in Japanese and its not (not completely) available to the west :adagio:

Rip. The art style is just gorgeous.


Both the web and app versions work fine in the west as long as you change the language to English (which is an actual, full translation rather than a google translation or something). Getting the app is slightly convoluted, though, as you either have to sideload it on Android or make a Japanese iTunes account for iOS. I already had a Japanese iTunes account bc I’m that much of a weeb, so I personally had no problem getting it lol.


or u can use browser for saving space xd


Yeah I just went with the app to save a few seconds of logging in every time after I clear my browsing history/cookies lol



I want it ;-;
Edit: Nvm I got it to english


today I got another vserion of yuel, the fire verison of her from draw rolutte

Heres my profile :slight_smile:


I- is that a fish summon :potoo:

On another note, I got three ssr characters from the anniversary thingy and ALOT of ssr summons.

Real talk is… Why do I feel like Imma have to play three years of content to catch up with the latest story


Also I think imma have to take some lessons on how to make comps for Granblue


Search gbf wiki gives u basic guides on grids and such, Earth and wind are good and easy to grids to build.

Heres one of my water grids


Here’s my profile.

My best elements atm are wind and dark. My foxgirl Yuel has been carrying me though the earlygame and I assume she’ll be doing it for a while bc of her 999,999 bonus damage charge attack.


Its important to unlock all classes in each row :3


w t fff u have a full ssr team >_>

Maybe I should do the new account reroll thingy


I just got really lucky with the free rewards on my first login. Rolling 30 pulls on the aniv roulette my second day helped too.


Last day of anna is gonna be guranteed 100 draw :3


Might try fully forging the second one