All for One - Weekend Discussions at Each Round (Currently at Round 3)


I wanted to see what people think of this second weekend with One for All in the rotation.

Personally, I think…

In summary fashion:

  • Varya is the general auto win if your team gets her in this second round of One for All (just like Ringo and Vox). Those ult chains are a pain to dodge.

  • The fact that Celeste, Magnus, and Skaarf can utilize their allies own abilities makes them quite fun to use.

  • Malene is the Kestrel of One for All Round 2, if not worse. Kestrel at least was fun to play despite not doing well into most match ups during her time in One for All because of the multiple cross map snipes.

  • The checklist Event is better this time around as it is less stressful to try and complete it and encourages players to do it at a much less hasty pace. I am still confused about the win streak Event though. Why the emphasis on giving Idris stuff as the rewards?

Tell me what you think!


14 games and no magnus yeet


Samuel or Skye would’ve been a better choice than Malene…
And the lack of Varya skin is utterly disgusting, sexist and homophobic :v


What in the world are you talking about?


Why is there no lyra? Isn’t she a mage? This is sexism


@Gatorrex interesting.
I thought Varya dominates this round of One for All because she’s much more mobile than the others and (if the team is smart) she can delete enemies with ult chains.

Also, no Magnus yet? :stuck_out_tongue: What madness is this? I already had all of the heroes and I’m not even in the eight-game yet.


@FinnTran I think Samuel would have been fine for this round of One for All. He is a mage after all.

Skye I think would dominate similarly to Varya. She’s much more mobile and can chase all the other mages like nothing since they lack mobility. Varya can dodge her, but not much.
I think she was best suited when the rotation called for snipers - like in the first One for All.


@hazeleyes He’s derailing the convo (maybe). One can argue back that Magnus only has one skin and no one complained about it (yet).


The lack of skins for Magnus and Varya means that they can almost always form the poker sets of ‘full house’, ‘four of a kind’ or ‘one of a kind’ only.

Can’t really form two sets of ‘two of a kind’ or any other poker combos.


@TadashiN I think Lyra should appear in the Captain’s One for All. But then again, if she, Adagio and Lorelai are in that set, they’ll beat all the other Captains cause they have a higher range. :confused:

Maybe they can be part of the ‘Alternating Current users’ One for All consisting of Adagio, Lorelai, Lyra, Varya and Vox. AC’s everywhere!


So 2 games so far, and I got Malene both times. First into Magnus, then into another Malene. Her problem is that her range is slightly shorter than that of the others. Samuel or Lyra would’ve been better heroes to include. (I want to see 10 Lyras create one supermegaultraportal)

So you mean They can supernova each other’s stars, use arcane marks and set goops on fire, or just utilise the CC? Cause allies resonance didn’t work for Vox…


Malene vs. Malene is fine.

Going Alternating Current over cooldown items for ability feels much better in this match up.

I think Samuel would be the best choice. Lyra would have made it harder to deal with teams cause they can go support too.

I’m not entirely sure. I’ll check again later the interactions between Celeste, Magnus and Skaarf.


I like captain one for all mode… I gonna kill everyone using lyra and lorelai if given. Hehehe.

Alternating current mode sound meh.


Samuel wont be in the mode due to his DD. Same problem as Fortress, devices just die trying to handle It.


She is considered captain.


Magnus takes the top place simply because hes beyond op. He has the best pokes and you have 5 chances to teamwipe with ult. Celeste is second because of her B chain stun, and supernova spams. Skaarf is good for taking objectives with his goop. Varyas ult spam is meh, its only good in the thick of fights which only happens at the late game. Malene is the worst because she has the shortest range.


That ult is frikkin cancer. 5v2 and suddenly full team get wiped by 2 ults. Perfect.


@TadashiN, of course, Alternating Current sounds meh. I came up with it on the spot, lol :stuck_out_tongue:


@Guest_78 Ah, the wonders of hero kits killing devices. Most heroes nowadays don’t really have that flashy aspect that just kills devices, no? At least, if they do have such aspect, it doesn’t last long.


@Gatorrex after playing as and facing some Magnus and Celeste teams in the mode, I can see why Magnus is top followed by Celeste.

Makes one wonder, why did the community (particularly on reddit) called for a Magnus buff. Just a boost to his A hitbox is enough to make him slap most heroes into oblivion in my opinion.

As for the other points, I agree.


@slothslayerlawl which ult? Magnus I assume?


Omg, learn how to take a joke ppl
(Didn’t you know Varya is a gay icon?)


ERROR! ERROR! Joke_Processor.exe not found. Please try again.

How is Varya a gay icon? I’ve never heard of such a thing.

Plus, your joke is one of those that just feels out of place, sorry to say.


I’m gonna assume we won’t see any Ardan one for alls any time soon either then…


yupp… My team of varyas were destroying the magnus. 2 of them alive. Rush base and win. easy right? But they chained their ults. 2000 damage. GG.


@MacAulay anything that historically cause lag through its usage are unlikely to ever see the light of One for All unless they get substantially touched up to not cause problems.

By the way, I have confirmed that:

a) For Celeste:

  • Her Heliogenesis stars can be detonated by other allied Celeste.

b) For Magnus:

  • Any extra effect his abilities have can be triggered by any allied Arcane mark.
  • Magnus can consume any Arcane mark other allied Magnus have applied to enemies.

c) For Skaarf:

  • His flames can ignite any allied Goops pools from other allied Skaarfs.


@slothslayerlawl Magnuses inhales…



Yeah all that is true. In a team fight, chain skaarf ult. Opponentss cant escape cos one skaarf’s ult speeds up the others. And magnus’ stuns are just not blockable. If there is more than one magnus, you cant block the stuns. There are 3 stuns you can think of- double hit causing stun from magnus 1, double hit causing stun from magnus 2 and a stun which can be generated by 1 hit from each magnus. celeste/magnus is insta win unless you suck. Skaarf comes in 3rd. Malene is good too. Varya is weakest. Go wp varya and maybe you have a chance cos WP heroes beat mages any day. Thats how i won against magnus using wp varya too.