All for One - Weekend Discussions at Each Round (Currently at Round 3)


People are also dodging games a lot so that they can get magnus. This one for all would have been really good if lyra was there instead of magnus. People wouldnt dodge as well.


Oh god that’s kinda op.

Also gimme skaarf. I think he’s probably the best in this lineup.


Nop, It was confirmed he wont be in It, so unless something changes you wont see him in that mode.


Okay, you need to just drop it. Now.


Omg! Burnnnnnnnnnnn
It’s called an exaggeration. It’s when you make thing seems ridiculous or out of porpotion to strongly express something. It’s not a literal joke…


Pro tip: Go SB PS BP BS Husk/Shroud HC/JB with Malene


Relax. Chill. Take a seat.


Actually, you’ll have a week or so to chill. See you then.


The match where my team of Magnus couldn’t group up to save themselves and the Celeste team kept tossing Solar Storms our way.

Skaarf matches are fun. In this one, we bum rushed the mid lane so hard.

Thanks to the upvotes I’ve been getting through One for All (I guess being anonymous and not AFK’ing gets your more upvotes?), I have obtained Great Karma since forever.

No! The mirroring is ruined!


So personally I think celeste is the strongest.

I despise FB let’s make that clear.

But, it’s nerfed slow with long duration makes a fb cw celeste incredibly oppressive in ofa. Since you can outrange, and detonate ally stars, you can nuke enemies from afar. Don’t get me started on 5 coordinated ults across the map too lmao.

Celeste is definitely the strongest and most fun to play


Magnusses comboing their abilities faster with their allies marks are such a pain lol


just Destroyed 5 Varya’s with 5 Celeste’s… OMG the co-ordinated Ult’s was just insane.

oh, i went 6/0/3 - not too shabby.

other’s on my team was 8/1 etc…


5 phinns vs 5 skyes would be so painful lol


I’ve been perfect every time I get Varya - forgot how much fun her WP path was :joy:


SAME i’ve been able to carry teams with WP Varya.

Im happy they brought back to wp ratio for her perk


Malene is not that bad tbh…
Or maybe my opponents are bad? :thinking:


their builds are garbo! AfterCurrent? DEuuuueaugh that’s been a no-no from vg origin!


Lol i dunno aftercurrent kinda works for me in this mode.(i usually don’t build AC on malene) but seeing her win on other matches with aC made me try it also but i also like the proc of aftershock so i tried combining it lols


It’s good in theory, but not enough base dmg to make it work.


They need to add those modes to privates. One for all is the most fun I’ve had in VG for a long time. It was full party and 100% troll but it was fun. I don’t understand why new modes aren’t available in privates.