Add Some Bling to Your Profile Pic!


You mean the new diamond logo…i kind like the old because it included pink…also yeah…i didnt realise that… i shouldve gone for peridot’s gem. But yeah. The diamond logo looks good as a flair


I like the new one because it’s up-to-date. I just really like new things, because they have a history ya know and have evolved from the former which just always seem more powerful even if not. I know that’s weird to say a symbol has power but ya know I just get them vibes.


Just want to bump this thread in case folks who’ve recently achieved Regular (Trust Level 3) status don’t know about the option :sunglasses:


Bumping this again to remind folks the option is available to all Trust Level 3 members AND to announce that it’s also available to anyone who’s supported us through a Patreon pledge (current or past) or a donation via Buy Me a Coffee.

If you’re not sure whether you’re entitled to request a custom flair image, look for your name in one of these two places:

If you’re listed in either group, just post a reply here (it helps to @ me so I don’t miss it!) with the image you’d like as your custom avatar flair. Look at some of the requests above to see what makes a good image.


Can you make game modes ones like 3v3 , 5v5 , Aram , I want to join 3v3 group and show up on my profile pictures , like I can pick the kraken but it’s not that good I want to be team 3v3 .


I’ll definitely try to make some more TL2 flair choices when I get the chance.


I didn’t realize how small the regular pool was, or that I even was considered one, until I saw this post. Kinda cool. I feel special :slight_smile:.


@hazeleyes can I? I would prefer the first one (because of the colours) but if not any of the other 2 would be amazing :slight_smile:


Can do! I’ll get it done tonight when I get home from work!


Awesome! Thanks :slight_smile:


For the first image, are you thinking something like this, or do you just want the symbol itself (no background)?



The symbol if possible :slight_smile:

But that one is also good


Aye aye, sir! It will probably be later today before I get it done – the gradient in the background takes a little longer to remove cleanly, and unfortunately I’m working today :easter_sad_3:


No problem, thanks for doing It :slight_smile: