Add Some Bling to Your Profile Pic!


I read this as “add some blingo” ahhaha


Ive been here since the beginning. How do i get TL3? ;-;


Commenting, participating in the forums.


You’re actually very close – I’d suggest doing some reading :wink:


You can check the requirements here


Image result for pig emote

please @moderators


Hmmm maybe:


I can cut the shield myself, including the light, but my PC is away for some more time sadly. Only if you have time/desire to do it. :blush: :upside_down_face:


You want just the shield and the wings, right? Like this:
(extremely rough edit – that’s not my final version!)


Yes, to keep it easy on the eyes. Thanks! :handshake:


Okay, will finish it later this evening or in the AM!


Oh my! Didn’t know about this, looks really nice.
Not sure how am I TL3 but given that I am…
Henlo, may I have this one, please?
Resolution isn’t the best but I think it doesn’t matter since it’s gonna be on a very small size, if it’s not much to ask, I would like having it mirrored so it looks to the right instead of left. Pls :sad:





How’s this look?


More than perfect, thanks!!! ^^


Uhmm can i request mine hehe…

i know its my current PP but i’ll change it hehe…


As you wish … (how’s that for fast?)


1 word…woah :kraken_happy_t3: :heart:


Diamond authority. Noice :heart_eyes:

This text will be blurred


I was gonna do steven’s star but @Saint7502 already requested so i did steven’s aunts lol.


Uh bruh you could’ve done the star too, we would’ve looked like the Crystal Gems!!! But Diamond authority is fine, I like the new one better.