Add Some Bling to Your Profile Pic!


Embarrassed to still have a pumpkin on your profile pic this long after Halloween? Have fond memories of your old Team Gwen flair? Tired of flaunting the Patreon logo every time you post?

Announcing …

More choices of flair images for members (Trust Level 2) and CUSTOM FLAIR IMAGES for regulars (Trust Level 3)!

“Wut?” you ask. Let me explain:

  • Anyone here who’s reached Trust Level 2 or above can choose from some pre-selected flair images by choosing one of the new “TL2” groups on the Groups page. When you join the group, the image shown will automagically be displayed over the right lower corner of your avatar.

  • If you’ve reached Trust Level 3, in addition to choosing one of the TL2 images, you can request a CUSTOM flair image be created just for you! Just post your image in a message (and tag the @moderators group) – we’ll review it, then tweak the image as required to make it work … and voila! Your own custom avatar flair!*

Please note: this feature is implemented via Groups – specifically, the flair image displayed is the one associated with a user’s “Primary Group.” Discourse can be a little weird about which group is primary – so if something doesn’t work as you expect, message a mod and we’ll fix it for you. (Currently, there’s no way for users to choose their own primary group.)

* we reserve the right to reject images that are unacceptable, just as we do with profile pics in general


Also, more TL2 images are coming soon! :rbgwen:


:OO I was wondering about the rose, it looks really cool Hazeleyes. These are super cool!

@moderators if it works, can you do this picture?


Should be doable! I’ll get it done tonight when I get home – Photoshop is 10 miles away from me right now :ozo:


This is so awesome, thank you guys for making this forum so much fun to participate in, even if my activity as of late has been lacking.


Hmmm Rose quartz crest or Crystal gems star?



That second one is awesome, it’ll look so good as a badge.


I’m about to head home from work – let me know which one you want! (I agree with @dream that the star will look perfect, fwiw.)


Thx for the new flair :heart_eyes:

Now I can show off it :sunglasses::tipping_hand_man:


Star it is! Thx guys and thx mods for your work!


Can you put crystal infusion for me please , I think I’ll put reim avatar later
So I want to be infused reim forever


I just tweaked it a little – no more distortion :sunglasses:


Great initiative, like it! :ok_hand:


man , i think my discussions/debates with others going to be unfair
because iam infused and they aren’t hehehehe



I love the little Samuel, he kind of looks like a ragdoll though lol.

Omg it’s a cute image compared to his normal edgy style. SEMC give us a tea party skin series, we can have grumpy pastel Samuel, doll Alpha, and regular Phinn except him and Susie have lacy hats.


Cough “Just rename t2 alpha skin to Doll Alpha” cough


How do you know your trust level?


Level 1 is baby (just joined) level 2 is basic average user privileges (most people) level 3 is regular, level 4 is mod

@RiseChu that’s the skin I was talking about, isn’t it weird to not think of it as doll alpha?


Open your profile (click on your profile pic to open your user card, then click on your pfp again), then click “Expand” … your trust level is shown at the top of your user profile:

Member = TL2
Regular = TL3


@thace @hazeleyes thanks for the answers :slight_smile: