According to Google Trends

“Vainglory” (Video Game) is currently at 0.25 of it’s highest search volume.
This is the lowest search volume that Vainglory has seen since before it’s official release in Nov. 2014.

Vainglory is literally less popular than it was when it official released.

I know that Google Trends isn’t an exactly accurate representation of popularity–but damn.


Csn you cross reference vainglory and Dungeon hunter champions. Which one gets more hits?

Hasn’t this already been brought up and shot down in numerous threads?

What exactly are you getting at here?

he’s going to set up a bot to type in “vainglory” into google search and set it on repeat for the next week or so.

that’ll bump up statistics.


I think we can say that the game in a rough time
And thats why matchmaking is bad , but i see them trying to do something with their ice deals and events , if you notice what they are doing right now is making playing the game is the goal not just selling ice , but i guess its hard for them to make something out of the new skin system , making essnce event and giving blueprints not actually going to help , people still looking for targetting skin system , thats what makes free to play players play and make matchmaking balanced .

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Cuz some people like beating a dead horse

Google searches don’t reflect game playerbase especially casual players. Not to mention google is only 1 search engine if you know where you are going google is a extra step for no added benefit

As if there are any other search engines in use…

Really bing, Duckduckgo, yahoo, ask, baidu, yandex all don’t get used?

Bing is a joke… Duck duck is for people with issues or who do a lot of ilegal shite. Yahoo has been dead for 10 years and I haven’t ever heard of the others ever…

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Yes that is why all those are apart of the top 10. Hell bing is used a lot now with the amazon echos as google and amazon are at a war

so in essence, bing is only used because it is forced.

google is still THE search engine around (at least in america and eu) i really doubt that the target player base for vg cares about anything else.

but on the other side, if you already have vg and play it casually, you wont google it. if you found it by recommendations, you wont google it. found it by an add? direct link somewhere else? you wont google it.

Have you ever found something while searching with bing? The only thing bing is useful for is to search for chrome and start using google again. Bing much like its softwarepartner edge is a joke…

I dont but many people do. I personally use dogpile and duckduckgo

Not really as the war was initiated by amazon. It also was being used before google fin1ally took a strike back at amazon.

Honestly when trying to find information google has become one of the worst search engines available.

It doesn’t matter what search engine was used since all the search volumes are relative to only Google.

Unless there was some major spike in the number of people searching for Vainglory only in a region where a certain search engine is commonly used, the search volume graph for each engine will follow the same trend.

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What like china or russia? Which have large volumes of people using their countries most popular search engine

I tried duckduckgo I couldn’t find the most basic stuff…

There are more memes about bing than there are items found by bing…

How exactly?

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With all search engines you have to know how to use it right. Problem i have with google is location based and google’s criteria of what gets high results makes finding most information i need a chore which is where duckduckgo come in.

You aren’t focusing on the right thing.
Of course you can’t tell exactly how big the playerbase of VG is (although I think it gives an accurate estimation), but the trend is going downwards, and has been since the release of 5v5, at a rate that’s pretty worrying if you ask me.