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If you think that Joule is no longer ban worthy you’ve never been more wrong. I’ve never played Joule before besides a couple ARAL games and yet when i play it in ranked with no experience with the hero the scrub that i am is carrying, i’ve also lost basically all games when the enemy had it. Besides the ridiculous damage what i think should change for Joule is first her B hitbox, it actually stretchs a good 1m to 1.5m further to what the range actually shows. Second the slow radius of her A, there was instances where i missed her A by a good 3m and still somehow proc-ed the slow, the idea behind the slow on her A should be “you barely missed your stun so here is a slow”, the range of the slow should be no more than 1m.


Joule feels way too strong rn. I mean good for her mains who’ve been waiting for this meta for eternity, but it’s the worst thing to be on the receiving end of, especially if the player is semi-competent as well.


Guilty as charged. She’s the first hero I “mained” with. My win rate was 55% with a KDA of about 5 before any or these buffs were given to her. Obviously, I’m doing even better now but I get to play her less now because others desire her or ban her. In some ways, I love that she’s more relevant. In other ways, I miss the unique feeling I had being someone who mained a hero whose overall pick rate before 3.9 was under 20%>

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Yes but she isnt even played in the correct position.

When Lane Rona was a thing, everyone was complaining about her sheer power to overwhelm the opposing laner. Joule already has the damage but her perk also adds onto the pain of versing her in lane.

The need to change her B where it deals reduced damage on lane minions so it helps promote jungle joule instead of lane Joule.
Im just assuming tho.

Ye I’m not saying she’s where she’s supposed to be or that it’s fun for everyone who has to face her, just that it’s pretty fun when your nearly obsolete main gets launched into the meta. Although chances are she’ll get cancelled soon enough anyway.

Joule can easily be countered now. There are much more banworthy heroes. She’s B tier at best

This kind of comment doesn’t really contribute much to the discussion, tbh, because without explanation to support it, it’s simply an opinion that most people here seem to disagree with.


She’s just sleeper right now. Her perk is essentially fortified health, her B probably does around 65% of the damage that it did in 3.10 which is still a lot considering that her B did around 600 to 800 damage. Some comments I have though is that her stun is delayed, you can jump onto someone directly but they get stunned like less than a second afterwards. Her stun hitbox seems like it has becoming shorter than it actually should be and her slow hitbox seems a lot larger than it previously ever was (in terms of outside area it did not previously have, not the area that it got from the stun hitbox decrease.)

I played her since I couldn’t get my hands on Reza, Lance, and GJ and went 14/3/8 as well as having the most damage on the team when there was a Magnus there as well. I made the Glaive and Baron int and I’ll tell you it was hella satisfying when the Baron used his charm and it said “gAmE OVER” and then I smacked him with a B. I tried to use the “extended range” but she doesn’t actually have any at least to my knowledge. I can’t visualize any counters other than Skye in the bot lane but the thing with Skye is that she counters Reza pre level 6 as well so there has to be a reason why she isn’t played much.

I’ll play Joule. You play whoever. Bring it on! :sunglasses:

I did find Skye a bit frustrating the other day with her mobility and kiting. But that was only early game. Well times rocket leap and the improved hitbox of my B, and she started to drop like a fly.

What heroes are you thinking counter her? Joule just packs such a punch right now that I find her useful with almost any comp.

I agree with @hazeleyes, could your provide some examples? In my opinion, every hero has a counter, but based on the data we have from the API and my own personal opinion - I can’t agree with Joule being a B tier hero. Her win rate is through the roof this season and her ban rate is also high.

I look forward to hearing how you can enlighten us as to otherwise!

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82% without considering base damage.

She isn’t sleeper, at least not in EU, she is in almost all matches.

I don’t agree with this.

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I think one of the things make joule strong is people forget how to fight , it’s like when people fight cp vox together instead of split and attack , her damage is strong but most of it is due to positioning problems from the enemy , I keep typing in the chat do not line up and don’t get close to each other split and fight but people keep giving her the advantage of just melting us all , so the safer way to fight is knowing where she is by vision and baiting her to ult early , fighting without knowing where she is , is suicidal .

She’s barely used in NA so I guess she’s sleeper here.

Skye counters Reza hard at level 1 due to his 0 to 100 as he reaches level 2. If the Skye decides to pressure him with her autos and Forward Barrage then he’s going to get shredded and won’t be able to CS. Ofc most people back, but I usually stay around getting the XP for my level 2 so I can proceed to zone her out. There are times though when Skye can expend two of your dashes for one Suri Strike.

Suppose Reza (BoE and bit) and Skye (blade and BoE) are laning against each other. Reza can’t just dash in anymore and expect damage instead he has to use his flame which makes him so much more predictable. Skye gets hit expects Reza to dash, uses her perk and proceeds to slow him down as well as melting him with her A. Since Reza expended one dash he uses another to proc the flame but the Skye Bs at the correct time and proceeds to auto him and clean him with an A. Reza’s gameplay has become more predictable after his rework.

What I just described doesn’t apply to other bot laners as he only has to waste one dash and not two. Though once he gets his level 6 his Ult changes the tide of the laning phase which makes it important for him to absorb XP and not worry about CSing.

The only reason Reza is strong is due to the ignorance of junglers. If they were to camp and drop Reza to a low HP the bot laner would be able to snowball quite easily but instead they just let a squishy lane 1v1 against an assassin.

His A doesnt take that much time to hit, so he can actually do B+A.

Why? he doesnt need to go in just because he hit you with his A. Also, it lasts for 4s, enough time to decide when to go in, and if the skye just retreats until it wears off then she wont farm, it has 5s cooldown.

Hum… dash away? you have 2 dashes. You can use A, in 4s decide whether or not to engage, if yes, B, proc, and B out. you can easily block her A with minions…

What you described is what a bad reza would do. Its go in, proc, go out. Dont waste your 2 dashes like that lol. And again, minions block Skye’s A, so positioning to make them block it is easy.

So basically reza doesnt know how to play it and skye is a god, because if she can dodge a Scorcher from melee range by predicting it… This is both a expecific and strange case and a non equally skilled fight.

This is off topic though, so if you want to continue discussing we should do it in private.


and… as reza you can just block her A with your minions… A good Reza would never engage as you said, and wont be so predictable lol

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Neither does the main topic tbh. Just shows 3 matches one of which is carried by the baron. Baron, Magnus, Yates, Churn and even Lance and GJ are better bans imo. As for who counters her anyone who can dodge her A(basically anyone with boots) or can tank thorugh her A B combo. She’s still a CP hero who has to get in relatively close range and has very little mobility

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Yeah I found it strange too. What’s the difference between your opinion and others’ opinions besides that they’re the majority? From my experience most of the time you can’t prove anything to anyone just by theory-crafting so I don’t think stating opinion is useless, non-constructive or whatever you wanna call it.

About Joule, I agree. I do think she’s definitely in like top 10, even a bit more but she certainly can be countered. I had my ways to counter her last patch too with my friends. Might not be the case in soloq but there are ways to counter her.

The point was simply that there was literally nothing in his post to back up his statement. Do you have a problem with me pointing that out? If so, DM me. Snide remarks are not necessary.

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Just said I find it strange because for example what’s the difference between his first post and the second post in this thread? Both are just opinions and are the opposite of each other. Both are okay. I don’t see how saying (opinion) Joule isn’t that broken is not bringing anything to the discussion but saying she is very oppressive is any different. Now I don’t mean to offend thace or anything. I just think BOTH of the posts are perfectly fine and they’re literally the same except for the difference in opinion. The only other difference is that people who think Joule is very broken are the majority.

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Disagree. She was designed as a laner. Her perk and ranged B fit a laner. Plus there is a lack of viable melee laners already. With 3 lanes and 1 jungle position, we actually need more laners.

I think Joule is fine in 4.0.

She is the only hero whose AoE abilities doesn’t deal reduced damage. She is still op, at least from what you can see in high elo EU. Just because we have a lack of melee laners the ones viable doesn’t deserve to be op. I agree we need more melee laners (which would be possible if they finally decide to make them viable instead of having one that it’s op).