A toxicity system idea and why things like this won't exist in VG

A post on Reddit just reminded me of an idea I had recently. Basically, screw karma system and all that placebo shit.

This idea is that up votes give you reward. So, it will be like daily wins but you need say, 5 up votes a day to get a reward. That reward has to be relevant. Glory is good for newer players so I think overall that would be good, us vets are few and far between. Essence imo is pointless at this point. You can farm essence for a year and not have the blueprint you want. Opals might be good but that’s too good.

While glory might seem like a little reward. We create a bigger goal. Gain 500 up votes a season for a rare key, for instance. Maybe add small amount of opals to that if it’s too little.

This imo will significantly affect toxicity. Of course none of the up votes will count in parties and there will be still some people that don’t for this system. However, people will see the reward as something to work towards and some will consider it good. The main point is that it will put players in a proper mind set. The mind set where they want to do their best for their team.

Now, why isn’t something like this or anything for that matter in-game? Difficult to implement? I don’t think so. They’ve already created so many things that are based on time, like daily wins, guilds, sunlight. Add a count and keep track that’s it. If they can keep track of some guy I down voted 2 months ago and tell me today, he dodged/afk somewhere between that time, this is child’s play.

So then why? Imo, it’s because toxicity is good for them. Now, I’m taking this from personal experience so I’m not saying it’s the law but I find that toxicity breeds traffic. I’ve played a couple of good games before, even one awesome game and gone, yup that’s enough. Satisfied. When I’m titling or being trolled, I want to play more than I normally would. I don’t know what that is psychologically but that’s how I feel. Maybe you feel differently but all I know is, there’s tons of small changes that could have been implemented. There’s a reason none of it exist and a stone age non-functioning system is in its place.


Great suggestion and interesting hypothesis.

By the way all of the voting mechanics in game currently actually have effects - mainly in terms of feeding data about how people are feeling about things like match making which allows them to then tweak that.

Neat idea. But then again I like anything that makes the game in any way more progression oriented. The only issue I see is that it might encourage people to spam upvotes and even more people to be stingy with upvotes. The way I used upvotes for a long time now is to simply say GG. If you weren’t an outright d**k in the match you’ll get an upvote from me. So I’d be one of the people that’d upvote less and that’s unfortunate imo, cause I like the spirit behind an upvote that means "you know, you don’t suck as a human being, congratulations!"
Roundabout way of saying that I assume giving upvotes more weight will make people less likely to use them. And by losing that it takes away what little toxic free interaction between players is possible.
Not sure if I’m making sense tbh…

I mean, whatever floats you boat :s But yeah, I can see how others get even more determined to play after an exceptionally bad game. But honestly I suspect it’s simply how it is with any other thing Semc planed to improve; they make plans, have a million ideas, but don’t follow through with them.

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Lets implement X. Oops X causes problem Y. Well we could fix problem Y or implement Z… lets implement Z its cool, we can deal with Y when we get back to X. A year passes.


Precisely! :s
Off topic, but the other day I wondered if they ever did any changes to the draft system since it was first added. Because people had so many suggestions, for functions that’d improve the quality so much, and yet I don’t recall anything ever being done about it.

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I don’t mind if they make it you get blue prints ever 100 upvotes even though you might not get what you want at least you get some essence

Hmm… toxicity breeds traffic. Even though this is actually true, it also breeds so many negative things that one would think a gaming company wouldn’t want in their game.

I think toxicity has gone on long enough. there has been a tonn of suggestions, all of them would be better than what they have now. So this is the time for SEMC to show their colours. 5v5 is out. Stamping out toxicity should be very high on their agenda.

I for one will be watching how semc handle this. with actions, not words.

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I think that if toxicity were actually a net positive, you wouldn’t see companies like Blizzard actively and publicly focusing on reducing it in their games.

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well, conspiracy theorist will always have a explanation for stuff like that.

they’ll say that it’s a cover up to hide the real reasons…

which is why i kept my comments to a minimum… and I’m willing to see what happens in the coming weeks and months…

Hopefully SEMC step up to the challenge and do something… anything… to reduce toxicity. with actions, not words.


Just have a message that says you have been downvoted

Completely agree that they’ve really been all talk and zero action to this point. I am hoping for something soon as well, because right now, it’s the worst I’ve ever seen.

But then won’t trolls just spam downvotes all the time?

And won’t this make people to stop playing in parties just to get the rare key or opal at the end of season because upvotes in parties won’t be considered?

I do like the concept, but it will be putting too much power in the hands of the players imo. You would essentially decide if another player gets his rewards or gets banned. (banned as in Lpq, because there’s no such thing as a ban in vg)

So one salty boi who is on a downvoting streak just because he couldn’t win would be faaaaarr too impactful than it is now.

Up votes and down votes already have less weight the more you use it, even up votes.

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They can just remove down votes altogether and add a report button so it’s not one or the other.

Good point on the partying though, the game relies on it as well. Maybe up votes from enemies count as well? Daily up votes can be 3, so it wouldn’t stress the player so much. So the accumulation of 3 a day + another 50 on top for season goal may not put so much strain on parties.

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Is that true? I always upvote everyone, assuming they’ve not obviously trolled, I naturally assume this should be a default position (I realise I’m being optimistic here) in the community given how hard it is to retain great karma rating.

I do the same. Downvotes are less effective the more you use them (that’s been confirmed by the devs), but I am not sure that the value of an upvote decreases in the same way.

Downvotes are plain useless period

That’s simply untrue. They are, however, much less effective if you overuse them, as has been stated above.

Yes I believe so but pls don’t ask me for the source, all I know is that SB said it. I remember liking the idea of downvotes decreasing in value cause it will restrict trolls. But at the same time I thought the idea of up votes decreasing as well was counterintuitive and self-serving. I didn’t like it at all. I remember he said something along the lines of you have to decide who deserves the up vote.

If that’s the case (and I believe I recall reading the same way back), their UI design is stupid poorly thought out. It should be clear that your votes decrease in value as you use them: maybe by giving you a limited number to award, or by fading the icon the more you use it, or something. Not doing so, and silently decreasing the value of something with no indication that it’s happening is more of what I call “dishonest” UI design.