A Halloween Hunt, from me, the most amazing Adagio

:bat: :adagio: :bat:

You mortals are quaint, on this dark parade day,
with your costumes and candy, and frivolous play!
Alert yourselves now, for I’ve a mission for you,
to scour and search these fan forums through…

Up first, a welcome, for the faun, the satyr,
Show your affection for that wisp-tending ganker.
The words of Inara, give them your aid,
then cloak your screen in the glow of Nightblade!

If you’re on track, you’ll not prod me or scold.
Though you’ll respond with that old frog of gold.
Give naught but that, and candy of minions,
for no clues you’ll get, just my opinions.

The winners among you, in search of those badges
You’ll move in a group most likely to nab em.
The bleekos, the meekos, far too pedestrian.
You’ll need to dig deep… resurrection will claim them!

And finally, my friends, though mortal you are,
With your glass cannon builds and visionless wars.
A multipart task - perhaps it’s confusing?
This last bit I ask, for your delightment, your musing :

Both Rana and Ayah dwell in this space,
Dark and imposing and harsh is its face.
Hail from here, fill, and walk as your favorite…
The reward might be yours - drop down and savor it!




How amusing! I see you’ve made progress… but still something is undone.

They lie in Churnstormed Desert aka “The Shimmer” which the Fabled Well ( library ) is located inside.

Idk how to response (to this riddle, I was never good at them) but hopefully my tidbit helps someone.

I see. Are the errors of my ways now fixed?

Sometimes, it’s what you know. And other times… it’s what you do with what you know. Which time is it now? I do lose track, being omnipotent. No time like the present, in any case.

In one way, yes. In another way… no. But it does entertain me to see you try.

I think I see the correct path now… or am I still mistaken?

Not quite yet!

But keep your heart warm, don’t let it grow cold.
Your hearts, I ask: are they new, are they old?
You’ll like it enough, when you find this clue.
“Oh what a feeling!” you’ll say, yes will you.

For those of you willing to match wits with Adagio, here’s some incentive:


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Have I still not completed it? and not even three?




Oh dis cool.
How long do we have to do this?

And how to post vg emojis?`

So I’m guessing we have to change our background to nightblade Inara and reply with gold toad and minion candy and then be added to a group and proceed with clues from their

hey uuuh i think speaking the answers to the riddle is not a polite things to do especially without a spoiler incase people have not worked it out and wish to by themselves owo


I see emotes so ill join in too



Edit: I just realized what the answers are :man_facepalming: when you over think it…

I have no clue what to do and edited just in case I’m right.

:goldtoad: . …

just in case :eyes: and to write emojis you put a : then write the words after before ending with another :. gold toad emoji is goldtoad and the sweets are cheers_minioncandy_t1