A Halloween Hunt, from me, the most amazing Adagio






I think I did them all… Do I win?




I think you forgot one.

This piece of the riddle i mean






I’m in the Undead group though?


You had to visually show that your in it. Which you now did


I’ve completed the badges in spirit, even though they’l were only available on the 31st :sob:


I’m the only one who did it I feel like I’ve achieved something in life


You’re all close, but still missing something…


Well damn, I thought I had everything. Hmm. :thinking:


did i do it :eyes: This text will be blurred


(that’s a no to some things, but not all… but I won’t tell you which)

Also, heads up, we’re going to be closing this scavenger hunt at 11:11 tonight, East Coast US time (so, approx 8 hours). We’ll do a final sweep to see if people figured out all the clues - so make your final guesses on what you need to do for the badges!


i feel like i missed something really obvious :crying_cat_face:


I think i have now done everything and I will have y know that this is a brutal thing to do, to change everyone to fit into your ideal


Now that it’s officially over . . . Can it all be revealed ?


Hey adagio , do you know that gold toad doesn’t exist , I refuse to talk about him until they put him in the game 2020 probably if they making it fast .


I beg to differ with that assertion.