4.5 First Impressions (Update is Live 12:51pm PDT 7/17)

Post your first impressions here. I’m particularly interested in continuing discussion on a few topics from 4.5 patch release theads regarding balance notes and new changes.

  • What do you think of the new skins? Remember - you don’t ahve to buy them! You can avail yourself of any hero and skin using the practice mode!
  • Post any of your thoughts in regards to heroes that were nerfed/buffed. I’m particularly interested in hearing from fans of Blackfeather and Krul.
  • Thoughts on the new hero, Miho. Is she as broken/busted as many of us thought?

Good luck to all in 4.5 as you finish your summer season!


For krul and BF nothing seems to have changed, they are still terrible.
Miho is op, but doing 1v1 with my brother kensei seems to be able to beat her when full build, and idris seems to do surprisingly well into her considering how weak he is. No other hero seems able to compete against her.


Miho is only available for purchase through 900 :ice: - it seems they’ve gone back to release on :ice: only.
Warhark is now available for just 8000 :glory: as opposed to the 14000+.

Currently two pull boxes available. 2% Poseidon Lance and 4% Summer Party Gwen.

Kestrel’s Wu Xing Forest is available to purchase from the skins tab for 1199 :ice:
Lance’s Poseidon is available for 2599 :ice:

Now to play a little practice with these skins! I won’t really get to play again until tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing from folks here.


Imo BF > Miho in early to mid game lane. Miho as the previous hero, have crazy late games that cant be compared to.

BF can easily control a lane (1v1 of course) but cant trade against Bap and Kestrel.

So tdlr, BF is stronger early to mid but his late game is still :poop: since hes has no team utility. :slightly_smiling_face: And can counter lane Miho only until late game.

Its not that hard to counter Miho until she reaches level 8, when she becomes op.

Honestly her released would have been so much better if she didn’t have her A overdrive. Simply a cooldown reduction instead of a total refresh would have made her more “Balanced” and not “OP”

I guess to get more hero sales, a broken hero gets more $

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Xenotec thinks that Krul and BF were already really good and the buff was not needed. I don’t agree, but you seem to make a really reductive statement. Krul and BF are certainly a lot better than they were before.

That part of her kit will not be adjusted (stated by Shin on AMA) it is literally the core of her kit and playstyle.

If she gets nerfed, it will be to other aspects of her kit, probably just numbers tone down.

Xenotek is an ex professional player smurfing. I’m sorry but I don’t take into consideration his statement.
Krul and BF are definitely better than before, that doesn’t make them strong. They are still weak and not worth picking.

Or certain parts of the passive being removed. Right now that passive has too many things.

(This post will be deleted as soon as possible)

I personally dont like his personality due to reasons in the past but you shouldn’t diss him like that. If you watch his streams, you would understand the reason why he smurfs.

Second is that hes one of the longest running pros out of the whole ex-esports scene. Hes seen the ups and downs of the heros since the early times of VG so…

I agree there are simply better picks than BF, but that is mostly due to warrior type heroes just not being good rn for a number of reasons, even Kensei who while quite strong is almost impossible to make work with the reliability of ranged bot lanes. CP BF I actually believe to be way better than people give him credit for, and with Anka getting a huge nerf, I actually think CP BF is a worthwhile dive pick. Potentially even the top assassin (if we assume the new hero is banned 24/7)

As for Krul, he actually fits the meta really well. While warrior carries are not very good, snowball heroes like Alpha and Grumpjaw have remained somewhat relevant when their power levels are decent. With the reduced dash duration, and a bump in already good base damage, Krul will do a lot more with a lot less damage items, which is very valuable rn (notice a lot of the meta is either hard carries 4 damage items, or utility or snowball picks).

I actually feel he could be built CP, or just full rotation/snowball like Inara, with SC, Shiversteel, Pulseweave and Journey boots.

This was my very first game (5v5 casual) with Miho. I intentionally went CP path and overdived her B and C also intentionally to have my first impression be a less op one. EDIT: doh! Sorry for not displaying the build in my ss. Observations and notes:

  • I was 10/1/4 at one point. I then decides to test how strong she was and intentionally went into 1v3+ situations. While I didn’t always come out alive, I’d easily take one down with me and leave the rest significantly low. Imagine if I had overdriven A and went wp?? Granted, the talent of the players in this match was, well, casual
  • Her B I feel will be better on PC than touch/tablet. She can be left pretty exposed. It’s useful to quickly apply stacks, but overall, I find it a bit cumbersome
  • Her ult is ridiculously awesome for the user, and toxic for the enemy. Her ult makes everything. I can already imagine the fun and ease I’d have with wp and overdriving A. Just cast C which maxes the stacks, dash to each stacked target and basic attack them one at a time. Each is now unguarded. You were invincible the entire time you were dashing. You have barriers. And you made a significantly reposition on the map.
  • Overall impression: she’s definitely busted at level 8 when A is overdriven. However, she does require skillful gameplay to unlock her total broken potential.

Lol you can now watch an ad to double XP and glory rewards after a game. This is sad.


I take into consideration what he says, but not over what I see in L3oN streams for example. The fact that he plays against much worse player, for whatever reason, makes his impressions about the strength of a hero not that reliable, because in his situation, every hero seems strong.


Now THAT I can understand. What you said before made it like you would disregard any thing he would have said.

But what I’ve said in the thread was looking at my own experience and L3oN’s stream, in which case XenoTek falls. I should had explained better, my bad, sorry for the misunderstanding.


This, he is clearly strong and with good game knowledge, but he mostly play vs players that he will beat with any hero.

So as predicted, that’s the big innovation they mentioned last patch when they added the “exit” button at the end of the match. Lmao …


From what i’ve seen so far Skaarf and Kestrel rule the meta, Miho is obviously always banned.