4.4 meta wish list

So far I noticed we are in a pretty heavy assassin meta. Malene is pretty much permaban, Caine is permabanned, Taka is running rampant with one of the dumbest builds known to man, Anka is ridiculously strong, Gwen is still veey dominant, and Reza is…Reza.

I feel like games are being skewed too heavily towards teams with 2 or 3 of these heroes and I just wanna list changes I feel might need to be made. Feel free to talk about them and list tour own personal wishes! There are of course other heroes that can be talked about, but I wanna talk about these heroes specofically for now


Firestarter should probably just get a ratio nerf and maybe some nerfs on his B. Probably the CD. He and Anka are more tame compared to the others tbh


Her B could use a small damage nerf. Even if only a few knives hit they deal a good chunk of damage, so she can poke better than any other melee assassin.


Oh boy where do I start with her? She is one of the most snowbally heroes known to man. Once she is 2 or so kills ahead she is nearly unkillable (And quite literally unbeatable in 1v1 laning) as she can just use her light B to run up to you, forcing you to use a dash where she can just slow you and chunk half of your health with her Shadow ult. I’d nerf the damage on the shadow empowerment, the move speed or duration on her light B, and the damage on her shadow A.


SEMC. Her B is not the issue. Her perk is too heccing strong. The range nerf helps bring her down a BIT, but it’s her burst that’s the problem. She uses TB very very well and once mid game hits she can chunk a quarter of your health with one AA while having very high movement speed to boot.


Lower the damage on his A and increase the CD on his B at overdrive. He needs clear weaknesses while not chunking 80% of your hp in one combo. His ult is mainky used as a poking tool during laning or catching people running away, but maybe reduce the execute threshhold a bit as well if you need to? Weaknesses should be there to keep heroes in check through an entire match. Not just to be nullified later in the match.


So annoying rn. Triple TM should NOT work as well as it does on Tako. His B makes him escape fights way too easily and his perk allows him to have ridiculously fast clear with just banner and have very high presence for ganks. I’d nerf his perk’s damage and revert the duration buff on his B tbh. You could abuse him to tier 10 silver rn with no problem tbh.

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The only heros I disagree with is Anka and Reza.

As you have said, both are tame compared to the rest but they have ways to be countered.

• Gwen can use a WP ratio nerf on her perk.
• Malene needs some sort of nerf.
• And Taka is strong but I feel like any damage nerfs will throw him back into the trash bin. Maybe a Mortal Strike uptime nerf?

My 4.4 wishlist is…
• Skye, Reim, Rona (confirmed), BF, and Ozo.
• Sand Fang, Yotes, and Caine.

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Yes. And it’s very good especially in soloq

Yeah that’s why I only want smaller nerfs on them. Also, we all know Taka is either trash tier or a problem at this point. The last couple patches were the closest he was to being viable, but not overbearing

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Nah man Taka sucks so hard, he needs 4 damage items to be effective with 3 being the most expensive in the game. Its more of a noob crusher, its never picked in high and scrims.


That’s not the case in my games. He has high clear speed and really good ganking potential because of how fast his movespeed with Kaku is as well as the duration of it. He’s ridiculous

In what server? Haven’t seen a Malene ban since… forever. I haven’t seen anything that shows an assassin meta whatsoever.

Don’t agree at all. Everyone says he is op and all that, but he still doesn’t win somehow. His win rate is pretty average, and IMO doesn’t seem oppressive. His teamfighting is also terrible.

Don’t agree either. She is for once pretty balanced.

While she is very strong, I would much rather see other heroes being buffed to her level. She is also not a must pick. A little damage nerf could be done though.

Gwen doesn’t need a nerf at all. She is no longer a must pick, and other carries are better.

An A nerf, B nerf, C nerf. Honestly, I think he has way too many resets.

He is almost never played at high elo though. It’s very easy to shut down and his tanks aren’t even that strong. C tier IMO.

My wish list:

  • buffs: idris, Vox, Ringo, BF, Ardan (give him back a little bit of his A duration), Lance, Saw.

  • nerfs: Yates, Cain, Lyra, inara.

You’re forgetting that they now balance for all tiers. So just because its not played in high tiers (its a bad build ofc), it might be a problem for everyone else.

High t10b na. Malene is banned every game in my experience and Anka, Reza, Gwen, and Taka are very prevalent. Caine is permabanned too ofc

Why is every assassin getting nerfed? like it’s not like players are abusing lots of assassin team comps or something. Taka, Anka, and Reza are all finally viable but not op… ??

You are also vastly over estimating how strong malene is. She maybe needs a small cooldown nerf to her dark form B or something, but no, not an across the board nerf. the only time you want to be hitting mutliple elements of a kit is when a hero is 58+ wr rampant which malene is certainly not. The only S tier heroes in the game rn are Caine arguably Sen Feng and Yates, but in my opinion people are over estimating how strong they are. If anything Lyra is the most OP utility/captain right now.

What we really need is buffs to a bunch of very underwhelming heroes, but of the heroes actually in the meta rn, most are very equal.

also, gwen is literally under powered so idk what you are talking about.


I’m in EU, seems like we have different metas. We never pick Taka, malene is almost never banned, Gwen is usually not picked due to better picks, reza and Anka while common doesn’t seem op.

Nope, that’s NA as well. No idea who he thinks these heroes are issues.

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We seem to have very different games then cause Malene is nearly 100% pick ban, Anka and Reza are very dominant, and Taka is just ludicrous in my games. Taka might only be tame of he is against very VERY coordinated teams, but even then the enemy team needs complete vision control if they wanna catch Taka since he has an honestly really stupid 7 second stealth

Don’t take this the wrong way, but what tier are you? I admittedly have not played a lot recently, but in my mid tier 10 bronze games, and watching a lot of Dnzio’s recent scrims and such, I have not seen this to be the case in tier 9 gold+

Malene seems strong before others were nerfed… she is fine as she is now. Maybe buff a little to other heros to be the same malene level… because honestly malene doesn’t need a nerf

You will never agree about malene needing a nerf, even if she is the most broken hero in the game. Sometimes, nerfing one hero instead of buffing 30 is a better idea.

I just want roaming to feel impactful.

I’ve seen Malene banned a few times, but I just don’t get it. I also still argue with folks thar Kinetic > Gwen bot lane. Gwen really doesn’t intimidate me.

I don’t think Inara will get a nerf any time soon. She’s a high skill cap hero due to understanding of team play and rotations. Most people who play this game either never use her or don’t know how. While she may be strong high tier, I wouldn’t expect a nerf any time soon to her.

Lyra doesn’t seem too popular in NA. That said, I know she’s strong AF. Yates and Caine remain permabanned. San Feng and Magnus remain strong favorites for the other two.

I don’t really view Taka as that impactful either. Anka isn’t dominant like she once was. Overall, I’m not having the same experience in NA.

I will say that Vox is a very strong pick right now. What buff are you thinking, @Guest_78? Any buff would need to have a nerf to his ult accompany it, imo.


Honestly I wiuld like to see Vox’s A get a buff to the AA percent be bumped back up to 60% with the ult getting nerfed. Just to help his wp path a bit more while also increasing CP Vox’s single target damage a bit


Reza isn’t a huge deal. He’s strong, sure, but he’s at his best in the mid game. He’s bad at lategame 5v5 teamfights where everyone is grouped. He thrives in chaos and getting picks. Theres also a point where his waveclear is just… bad. He can’t clear fat waves super well when late game hits.

Malene is not balanced. Shes not. Shes strong at neutral and ridiculous when ahead. By far the best hero to generate leads and snowball with them. Shes strong in a solo lane and strong in mid. Combined with her good safety, crazy one shot potential, CC, and the ability to roam around the map pretty quickly with her light B, there isn’t a lot she can’t do.

I find Anka to be balanced, actually. She has a fair amount of counterplay and heroes that simply counter her. Unlike Reza, shes good at teamfights, and has sweeeeeet waveclear.

Caine is OP, out of line, and the most egregious offender right now for “broken hero”. Needs a range nerf for sure, he out ranges just about every WP carry and out bursts and out DPS’s them as well.

I honestly don’t think Yates needs a nerf. He just takes advantage of bad player habits and poor positioning.

Anyway, my wishlist is
BF: specifically bring back his attack speed, thats all I’ve ever wanted and maybe not make him so squishy for a melee hero. You know, since his early game health is one of the worst.
Idris: His early game is horrendous and his late game honestly doesn’t make up for it. Idk man he’s just not good.
Ringo: I think they were a little gratuitous on the Twirling Silver nerfs. Hit the energy cost, not the duration.
Rona: Because its Rona. She suffers a lot from “why pick this when you can pick X instead”

Caine: Yep.
Reza: Although I said he wasn’t a huge deal, his perk is kind of oppressive early on. I would bump up the base damage a bit, but definitely tune down the ratio.
Malene: Tune down the damage on her dark A and hit the cooldowns of both her B forms. Hit her safety and mobility.
Ylva: More of a personal vendetta than anything. I think her A is stupid and needs both cooldown and energy nerfs.