4.4 meta wish list


-Reduce MM queue
-Introduce post game chat
-Change the Spoil of War UI (hate the delayed animation and the tapping)

San Feng (increase C’s CD), Anka, Gwen, Yates (increase energy cost), Grumpjaw, Reza, Baptiste

Skaarf, Blackfeather (rose trail pls), Rona, Kestrel, Taka, Celeste (increase AA’s projectile speed)

New Anti-CC item
New CP Lifesteal/Shield Pierce item
Reduce Reflex Block/ Aegis’s CD
Buff Energy/ E regen items
Remove the cap on CD


Just when I forgot about the trail. :mask:

It will never happen. Even if it means that hes missing a third of his kit.


Taka should NOT get a buff of anything and Celeste os fine the way she is. As for nerfs, I don’t really think Bap really needs a nerf. He feels perfectly fine tbh. Just one of those sweat picks


Of cus I won’t… howevee i do agree, your idea is easier but malene seems op now due to other hero nerfs which put her at advantage. It only been what? A patch or so malene is slightly stronger and y’all are calling her out to be nerfed…


Sje was already very strong before the nerfs and right now she’s more than just slightly stronger. She snowballs harder than any other hero ever had thr ability to rn.


Let her live for few more patch.
:triumph: #JusticeForMalene


Don’t worry even with some decent nerfs she can stay viable. Her kit is one of the most versatile ones in the game


More? I guess roam players are never satisfied. Roam is the class with the highest impact and yet they want more.

She is getting tweaked.
Lyra is perma banned in EU.

He sees 0 play in high elo and scrims. Basically all mid laners are better than him. The only thing that makes him decent is his ult. nerfing the ult in exchange of another buff is a tweaked, not a buff. I want a buff.

If a hero outperforms most others, even if it’s one patch it should be nerfed.


Yeah I don’t get what they mean about making roam more impactful. Having high base damage for no reason is just unhealthy and leads to tank metas like we used to have. Most caps feel very impactful too like Yates.


Buff Celeste? kestrel?! Lol those are top tier right now, why would anyone buff them?


I’ve been playing a great deal of LoL recently, and support there is a much different beast than it is in VG. I’m not essentially babysitting the lane for a good portion of the game; I can begin bullying the other two laners the moment the game starts. In fact, the item choices encourage early game aggressiveness and harassment, even as weak enchanter-type champions.

Nobody said anything about dealing lots of damage. I do negligible damage as Sona, Soraka, or Nami. I’m not satisfied with building the same four or five items every single game on heroes who should have dramatically different play styles, nor do I want to be relegated to the role of meat shield on every single support hero for at least the early portion of the game.


Then the problem are the items, not the impact roams have.


If you dont harass is because you dont want to. Roams are the best lane bullies in the game. In fact, in most cases the lane is won or lost depending on the roam aggressiveness.

Carries arent different. Each carry has its own build, usually SM BP BS or crits for Kestrel Baron (and sometimes Gwen), and thats It, they never build different. Same for the mages, but they tend to all have the same build.

In your first comment you were asking for more impact, which is not needed. Now you ask for more variety on builds, which is needed for all roles. I dont understand why roams think they are the only ones building the same time and time again, when in reality they are the heroes with the more choices in builds.


You said good ganking potential so i am assuming its Taka jungle so in that case my point stands even more there is simply no way you’re gonna get to complete this build as a jungler. Taka is basically a weaker assassin compared to the likes of Anka and Reza. @RiseChu nerfing a hero to make it balanced in low tiers is a terrible idea, even if he does get a nerf for that purpose chances are that he will still be a noob crusher but his viability in high tiers has been even more reduced.


Really? Interesting. I find him very easy to bully with utilizing is CP bath. His bounces still are quite the nuiance. I’m able to impact the enemy hero without having to get nearly as close to it as they have to get to me. Especially early game, I find he can trade blows and often win vs Celeste until her A is maxed. Then again, I’m playing public queue in today’s “t10” and my opponents seem to have a tough time getting outside of the range of is bounce…


The thing is that they are buffing the wrong things. That’s why his ult seems powerful but other than that he is underwhelming.

The last nerf they gave him was a Crystal Ratio reduction on bounces from 100% to 80%. While it seems it’s “only” a 20% (we’ve seen harder nerfs), nerfing a 20% of a hero with 220% is not the same as 20% of one with 100%.

To compare it, the hard nerf joule received when she had 63% win rate made an impact on her of ~8.63% in the TS damage, Vox nerf was a 20%, more than twice as strong, when he had a 49% win rate. Not only that but unlike other heroes his whole damage depended on the resonance bounces. That ofc killed him.

They’ve buffed his ult multiple times to give it back the damage it used to have, because again, the base of its old damage no longer works. Reason why his ult is powerful. The problem is that outside of the ult, none of his damage was given back, so you are left with a mid laner that can’t compete in damage at all, brings no cc and has low range. The buffs to the SZ has been useless for 2 reasons: doesn’t matter his mobility when he doesn’t deal damage; the energy cost was nerfed hard a long ago (which was one of the things that killed WP), so he ends up relying a lot in energy items, which reduces/delay his damage power spikes.

He is not used in EU t10 (usually) and high elo scrims because due to all I’ve said, once you dodge the ult, which isn’t too hard, he offers nothing to his team. For some reason they keep buffing his mobility, range and ult damage, but so far all that have had 0 impact because again, he lacks damage. You can’t give a hero with 49% win rate more than twice the nerf you would give to a 63% win rate hero, and that’s what they did.


I agree its a terrible idea since it reduces viability in high tiers but Sonata/Krul had said that low tiers makes up around 60 percent of the playerbase.

So they already done that this patch and I doubt that they will stop.


That’s kind of a dumb explanation, because the lower tiers have ALWAYS been the majority of the player base.


Yeah that is the case in any online game in fact.


All I care is they fix the matchmaking, if it is low playerbase than advertise the d**n game properly…