4.3 Skin - Netherknight Ardan


It’s an IPad, I think it was the IPad 2018? Something like that. It’s the one people here suggested me to buy last year when my old one died. But 5v5 is already laggy for me, with that skin…


Ardan looks so skinny here hahahaha. Loving the skins they’ve been putting out for captains recently.


https://www.gsmarena.com/apple_ipad_9_7_(2018)-9142.php - this one? A10 is the SOC. Surprised to see so old SOC in a 2018 ipad… I guess you should had buy a pro that carry A12x that is a lot more powerful than A12 in iphone xs and have 120Hz display refresh rate + touch input rate (A10 is from 2015, iphone 7 and 7+). Even my iphone 6s runs the game smoothly, so I am sure the 7 will not have any problems. The problems is that the ipad got a lot lot higher resolution vs iphone 7 and even 7+… so onscreen performance will be lower even vs my 6s and thus can really see it drop frames in intensive situations.

From there how heavy are the effects, depends on how they did them… can’t really tell about the impact.


The iPad Mini 5 (2019) is a good budget alternative if you don’t mind the small size. It has the A12 chip, which is what the iPhone XS and XRs have. I assume Vainglory on it would be great since it’s big enough to have breathing space, but not super big that you’d have to flail your fingers all over the screen on a pro.

Though, DnZio plays on an iPad Pro so it’s all about preference / getting used to.


This against tidal enchantress Lyra B will look amazing, but cause lag like nothing else.


Basically copy paste from Lyra’s B and turn the particles to fire and viola.


Not really, lyra’s is moving circular, this one up from the ground.


Yes I know… just change the scale size, motion of particles to upwards instead of circular.


And change the particle graphic, the ground effects … yep, exactly a “copy paste from Lyra’s B” :roll_eyes:

I swear, it’s amazing how folks will trivialize the amount of work that the artists and engineers do to make these heroes and effects come to life. :unamused:

Here’s an example graph from Unreal Engine showing just the material for a fire particle effect … what part do you think could be “copy pasted” to Lyra to reproduce her effects?


Next update: the whole games is a copy paste from Lyra.


Still not true lol, lyra’s B circle top effect is totally different too…

send it before reading @hazeleyes post that sums it up really good. SEMC are wrong on a lot of things, but let’s not chase ghosts.


I know how it work. I studied lol and use unreal, unity etc. The progressiong to get the particle is different thing. I am just saying the the idea is same. That all.


That makes your original comment look worse, actually. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I mean they look similar as to the shape of the barrier. But the have some differences as well like the lava just flowing up while the water rotates.

Honestly I like the dev that did this work, its a definitely a step up from past effects.


Why are all the nether skins SO HECCING GOOD? AAAAAAA

Good thing Ardan does not have a bad splash art like Lance’s netherknight skin


Yeah I know. It similar and also different.