4.3 Skin - Netherknight Ardan

Source: Twitter

Seems to be a new nether skin

[Mod edit: it’s literally just an image, so …]

I’m okey with that, nether like skins are usually awesome :slight_smile:

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Should be lance from what I know. :slight_smile:
Second one ooor not hahaha joking, no idea

It looks pretty good, but I just have to say once again that I despise their attempts to be “cool” in their social media posts … :man_facepalming:


Yeah, I kinda cringed a little when I saw the teaser…


san feng…

I believe it is netherworld Saw.

Too bad Ardan is dead. He was the only hero whose skins I ever shelled out ICE for.

Ardan is dead? I wouldn’t think so lol

Oh god no please don’t give them more of a reason to instalock him!

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He is one of the weaker roams. He is not weak in general, but the other roams are stronger than him by a noticeable margin.

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The skin was just fully revealed. Twitter link here. It’s Netherknight Ardan. The splashart looks good imo.


Would you play Ardan in ranked?

O boi can’t wait to one trick Ardan next patch

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Yes actually. I feel like captains are pretty balanced right now other than Yeets

Ok this skin looks really good compared to the boring Fire Ozo skin

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But I love my fire monkey :sad:



I love him too but his splash art doesn’t do him justice. The skin is fire (pun intended) but his art is bland and doesn’t fit in Vg… :potoo:

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As someone who used to choose Ardan as a generalist and for whom he was a comfort pick, I am not seeing how he can compete with other roams when he has these weaknesses:

-A: Doesn’t last long enough to be useful in a teamfight. Cooldown is too long to be useful in a teamfight. Slow/Speed boost is only good when assisting carries in chasing down isolated targets, marginally useful in a prolonged fight with multiple carries.

-B: Completely useless in a teamfight and situationally useful otherwise.

-Ult: The only good part of his ability set, once spent, Ardan’s teamfight potential is spent.


Agree, after they nerfed him to kill WP Ardan, roam Ardan was sent to the bottom of the roams. It’s still good, but can’t compete with the rest of the roams.