3v3 co-op bots not working

I just wanted to play a few 3v3 co-op against bots to practice with malene but I always ended up in solo bot matches. Is anyone able to play co-op bot matches? Also why doesnt exist a 5v5 co-op bot option?

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It is working as designed if no one else is in the q by x amount of time you solo it

Bot matches are pretty much broken and have been since 2.12. The bot programming was apparently changed for 5v5, and they often do ridiculous things in 3v3, such as the laner spending the entire match in the jungle.

Yet another example of SEMC’s amazing attention to detail.


X amount of time is approx 2 seconds :grinning:

Before 5vs5 thle bots where quite ok. Now they are totally stupid.

100% agree.

BTW, this post must be 30 characters. :ozo:

Are you sure they didn’t just program bots to follow low tier play trends?

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Lol, like walking straight down the lane into enemy turret range and standing there? :potoo:

Come to think of it, I’ve played with a few players who’ve done that … :thinking:


Yes exactly i stop playing 3v3 because i’m stuck in matches my teammates are feeding and my opponents just turret sit until they are full build

yeh, I have found the same problem when trying to clear chests. They made it ridiculously easy. Friendly bots will be buying towards a full build, while the enemy bots buy nothing.

Also anther bug i din’t bother reporting, because its not a game changer, is trying to clear chests by playing a 5v5 “non ranked” and “non practice”… casual match, does not clear chests.

I actually tried the co-op vs bots because i was bored of solo bots and not wanting to pvp ,

I ended up with a match 2v3 after waiting probably 5 or 6 minutes , the game didnt give us a third , i played the game to the end and upvoted my teammate and he upvoted me , i think its a cool mode to test builds and farm .

Also before they used pings, including for objectives and followed my pings. They where quite a good simulation of real players in t4-t5 skill tier at max difficulty. Great for trying stuff, learning a new hero or messing around. Now they are a joke.

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Utterly agree. I used to play a ton of 3v3 bot matches with my kids for practice, and it was actually great for them to learn new heroes, builds, and practice mechanics against fairly realistic opponents. (We also played on Very Hard, which seems to be about T4-5, as you say.)

Bot matches are ridiculous now. They completely ignore the jungle most of the time (except the laner, who inexplicably jungles for most of the match), and they don’t follow any pings.

It’s removed from the game an element of fun I could share with my kids. So when we’re together, we now play AoV instead. (Hook Wars in AoV, in case you’ve never played that mode, is great fun.)

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AOV is a great game in it’s own right. Can clearly see the difference with VG and while a lot of people loves to directly compare them, I personally think they fall to different categories and am comparing them as a whole experience. Sadly in that regard VG is going down while AOV is going up. Sad in the meaning of the love I have for VG. 5vs5 was clearly started late as development, took quite a long time and most importantly - was rushed and not ready at all for the masses.

AOV on the other hand has a lot better surrounding of the core gameplay. It’s better for quick MOBA fun on the go and has a okish high skill cap to get good and have competition. Won’t go about the core gameplay itself as they target different players, time of matches, gfx style and so on. If they wanted, they would have made it a lot deeper and hardcore. Instead they wanted fun game, fast matches and the ability to play w/e you are. Joystick control is quite good in my bed, while touchscreen VG control is making me play tiers below my level, can’t reach all parts of my screen or have to do slow repositioning and my hands hurts… so while in general I prefer touch control, joystick control has it’s advantages and also is ok for not that serious game as AOV.

This is just short opinion in some specifics. Otherwise I love the more serious approach of VG, but they need so many qol changes and additions… the game mode was rushed, period + while all and even the CEO was making fun of AOV rushed release in US, I am pretty sure the reasons were not VG and that it’s not considered as a threat.


I’d upvote this post 10x if I could. Agree with you completely.

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I had this problem too today, whenever I clicked co-op bots I got put into a solo bot match :confused:

HOLD UP. bots before was not T4-T5… more like T0-T1… what region you playing in? Geez, I really hope that isn’t true, or else T4-T5 players really need to step it up.

Anyway, I don’t understand why they find it so hard to make Bots challenging. A.I. boss’s in games have been around for a long long time…

All they need to do is make bots have cheats. I have found, in my entire gaming experience, players are always more smarter than bots, no matter how hard you make them.

Cheats can include:

  • They know where you are, all the time (universal vision, disregarding the brush).
  • They know what you’re building, and counter build.
  • They know the exact damage output you have and can calculate if that will get them killed when diving.
  • They reflex block perfectly each time, no matter what, even point blank range.
  • they stutterstep and kite perfectly.
  • they are always aware of heroes in their base and port back to defend, immediately.
  • they steal jungle creeps, with perfection, everytime, because they know the damage output and time it perfectly.

and if all that still doesn’t make them harder, some smart programming to make them gank squishy heroes as a group, knowing which hero didn’t build defense.

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You realize new players start in Tier 4, right?

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I can’t tell you how vehemently I disagree with this.

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yes i do. I still say “very hard mode” should be “very easy mode”… or just make another 2 levels.

“extreme mode”
“mission impossible mode”

because I really do find it way too easy.