3.8 & the future of cp

3.8 is going to change things drastically. 35% cdr cap, universal damage adjustments, ect.

It seems like low cd bursting will be more difficult now, and will make teamfights longer. This leads me to theorize consistent cp damage, like the aa cp ratio guys, or petal, will become stronger.

Aftershock is also getting nerfed, which really is a shame. Stormcrown got nerfed too, which is gonna make farming a real pain.

What do you guys think? The assassin class was already on the decline except for one hero, but it seems like they’re in for a huge L.

Reza Will still be good, sure, AS was changed, but he can easly abuse the lower cooldown. Petal Will still be bad. The energy changes werent that hard, only Baron Will suffer more than necessary. Also, remember WP was nerfed hard.

Divers - AS SF BM
Mages - SF CW FB BM
AAers - AC DE Eve BM

I don’t think it’ll alternate too much from this. The builds feel pretty set in stone IMO.

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CP assassins are taking an L, but WP Tako actually looks promising now

AS doesn’t equal assassin. Everyone who has been playing AS Anka have been using an inferior build, there’s a reason why her CP ratios keep getting nerfed…

Reza may start using SF SG CW BM instead of AS.

Well those are all the CP assassins in the game.

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I never once used aftershock since she already had one build into her kit.

I don’t understand why they wouldn’t build more cp instead AS smh

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Shush, its much better than people building stormcrown on anka :slight_smile:
Some even build DE. Jump in, do no damage , Use ult to try doing more damage instead of escaping CCs, then get CCed and die. Story of every anka without a shatterglass.


Well you shouldn’t build SC but you should build banner if you are going top. It’s good at trading and helps you CS. Makes you tankier as well because of the raw health. Though completing banner is questionable…

Even if going top, id say book+ crystal bit is better. Buying banner is waste of 600 gold.
And tbh even if you start with double crystal bit, you’ll have to survive till like lvl 5/6 and you’ll have enough damage for the minions with your B.

you buy book and crystal after clearing wave. although i’m not too sure what the interaction between banner and jungle monsters are right now in 3.7 it worked 100%

Taka, reza, and koshka all use AS. Building as on anka is a sin

Now now SF CW BM SG worked fine for me, or HC SF BM DE SG

You didn’t need to build shatter first

Cp lyra is rising…

I love her this patch

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WP Taka took a hard nerf. I wouldn’t expect him to be strong.

Based on what I heard from idmonfish and my experience in the 1 casual I played (no quad q) I figured Skye would be at least decent. Can’t talk much as I literally played 1 game but the 1 rank I played enemy team had a tank comp and I completely melted them despite not even going for heavy damage.

Dont forget pulswave - it’s nerfed to the ground. The game is changed big time, for now 3 games only so I can not comment + all 3 I got super bad MM problems with unbalanced teams (4 VG silvers and one low rank vs 5 VG bronze players, game where both teams got players of all skills from t1 to t10 and one with 4VG players + one low rank vs poa’s bronze/silvers and me as only t10). No wait time for match start, but absurdly one sided games with massive elo difference. The game thinks that if it puts 4VG silvers and one low rank vs 5VG bronze - the game is balanced hahaha and two of them were 2700 elo so going after gold. :slight_smile:

Forgot Koshka exists. CP Taka is dead and if you are gonna use it, it’s better to buy raw crystal. Reza can pass with Crystal as well AS was situational against tanks for him.

The new AS seems to be a big buff to CP Alpha so far, since she can use its full proc rate. My build with her has been: 2x Crystal Bits, AS, tier 2 boots, DE or SF (depending on the need for mortal wounds), Warmail, BM, SH, Journey Boots, and then a second defense, DE, or a SG. She’s very tanky that way, with a ton of sustained damage, and usually a good amount of damage from her self destruct if the enemy collapses on her (more if I built a DE, but even with AS, BM, and SF it’s a pretty hefty chunk).

Not to poop on your parade but its not. The item itself got a nerf and her AS proc on her B isnt good enough for the 1 second cooldown unlike a hero like Ozo with his instantaneous A abilityz

Lorelai as CP is one of the most meta heroes and CP Heroes, especially captains, are particularly dominant strategically this meta. That’s all. For those who take heed, enjoy.