3.8 & the future of cp

Not so sure, atleast in the recent pro matches I see a new trend towards 3wp (even mid), 1cp and 1sup.

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If a team has like a tankish top laner and someone like Ardan jungle it’s perfectly fine to go Lorelai. I’d even say that it’s always good to go Lorelai cap or top if Phinn is bad because her barrier is so good with one SG.

Well the benefit nowadays is the lack of captain item availability is that cc is extremely effective now, along with the lessened shield options makes cp and cc heavily viable, making any hero that has that kit pretty dominant, however it’s only after the snowball. That’s where wp comes in. WP stops snowballs as always but a good cp hero is really powerful in the face of lack of defense abilities.

I’ve been on an almost 2 day complete winning streak by just instalocking lorelai mostly because the availability of cc and her barrier prevent so many abilities from being utilized in the first place, not to mention this is cp so if it was stacked with health and cd build it’s bad. Then you got cp having stacking dmg with fish food and her empowered state and as long as you manage your pools almost every move you make is empowered.

It’s ruthless. I had a game earlier where the enemy team pushed with Blackclaw to our crystal and all of our team was dead 1 to 4 with about 15 seconds to the next respawn and 20+ seconds to the next. I built AC, EoH, DE, BM, CW, and HC. A Max, B Lvl 4, Ult Max. Ran in, tossed a pool, popped an ult in it, boom instant massive barrier, popped an A on the enemy closest to crystal, popped a pool on her, swam in, empowered AA’s wiped her out while 3 enemies were attacking me. Used the pool to pop an A on the other two, swam into that, popped a pool in front of them and AA death, killed Blackclaw, pop pool on fleeing last enemy, pop fish food from pool, pop pool again, pop ult once they give up fleeing, and boom ace.

We came back and won that, and I’ve won most matches with her since update simply because no one gets out of the pools easily and her push/stall/save potential is some of if not the best of heroes.

Ive also been having lots of success with lorelai as a cp carry. As predicted, she is awesome for consistent cp dmg, but then I realized much more.

Her perk makes her so incredibly mobile, AC DE can out trade most carries, and stun, slow, and barrier are all amazing.

The main power comes from the water empowerment. At lvl12, its essentially a free SG

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My K/D avg has been about 10/2/13 with her since update, with mvp on vgpro :slight_smile: it’s like her pools are a mini terrain advantage like bushes or water flow that you can instantly set and launch an assault from, and the fact that her fish food also acts as a terrain advantage and her barrier drops a pool means you almost always have a spare pool to slow an enemy or set up a fish food insta stun in a pinch, not to mention her barrier is an insta push tool/near guaranteed save when empowered if timed right. it makes any situation kinda perfect for her as long as she can maintain her pool combos. I’ve quadra killed with her and it woulda been penta, but what really makes her ruthless is her range. her basic attacks are just about adiago’s range and on overdrive her fish food can clamp almost any ranged hero