3.4 State of Lyra


Given the new items, her nerf on Sigil Burst Heal.

How do you think Lyra will be in 3.4?
Will she still be ban? Will she be picked as Captain often?
Will she still be in top 3 meta?

Not only top 3, she’s undoubtedly the best captain rn


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I’m kinda surprised by how people don’t even talk about Grace’s buff, her WP path is dummy dumb dumb (3rd win rate and prioritized first pick every draft) and somehow SEMC think she’s not OP enough smh

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Yep, choose grace lyra and reza in your team.
And phinn too

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lyra ardan adagio and phinn will be the top supports, all of them can benefit from the capacitor plate amazingly, with phinn and lyra having aoe and the other two with their relatively okay cooldown. ardan and phinn benefit HUGE from all 3 items because they’ll be hit and will be hitting the enemies frequently as frontliners

What about Flicker though? Hmmmm

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Grace didnt recieve a buff though. Just had her cooldowns adgusted on Ult.

For WP Grace who never builds echo it’s a buff

WP Grace doesnt have a great heal anyways. All you get is the base heal which is relatively low, and not very impactful.

Its essentially just restoring graces cooldowns to pre nerf due to echo.

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if it counts the barrier from other items i guess he could work but the heroes i mentioned have it in their kit so it’s better

650 hp heal with damage reduction is nothing to sit on. If overdriven its 800hp. Not to mention her wp path relies on more basic attacking than her as a captain so even lower cooldown . 20 second cooldown decrease for an ability like that for an already oppressive hero is pretty dumb. And yes its a buff to her wp path no matter how you slice it.

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her heal wasnt reduced was it only burst damage

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Bans: Lyra, Grace, Kinetic? Taka?

And leave phinn? Reza? Lorelai? Unbanned?

Kinetic not worth banning really

good chunked nerf on reza, right now people arent familiar with either phinn or lorelai so theyre good but unbanned.

That’s good. But lorelai.and phinn might get ban because they are unfamilar with them and if they don’t ban. Other party might pick it…

flicker and churn walker don’t benefit from the capacitor plate sadly

Oh okay

30 characters are annoying