Zelus the necromancer

Welcome to the Vainglory hero spotlight. Zelus is a necromancer who resurrects his and his opponents minions to do his biding. Using his

Heroic perk- Dark will

Minions around zelus resurrect when they die.

When minions resurrect they are turned into dark servants. Dark servants attack whoever zelus attacks

All minions are retextured to have a green aura and have their fur and armor turned to white when they turn into dark servants

One dark servant has double it’s regular base stats but it’s stats decrease by 10% for every other dark servant active.

Zelus’ basic attack damage decreases by 5% for each active servant

Dark servants deal an additional +5% damage and have +5% health from crystal power

Zelus can have a maximum of 5 servants

Zelus basic attack is a swipe from his one handed short scythe

Health- 750 (+125)

Energy- 225( +15)

Weapon damage- 60 (+ 5)

Armor- 25 ( +3)

Attack range - 2

Attack speed- 100%

Shield- 25( +3)

Movement speed- 3.5

A- Blood Siphon

Zelus destroys one dark servant and gains an additional +5% wp

Zelus also gains an additional 10% life steal

Duration is 5 seconds

Cool down- 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 seconds

Energy cost 60

Overdrive Zelus also gains an additional 2 weapon range for the duration

B- Spear of Harvest

Zelus sacrifices a dark servant and throws a bone spear

Does 200 > 210 > 220 > 230 > 240 damage (+ 10% cp)

C- dark amalgamation

Zelus sacrifices all dark servants to create a giant servant.

The giants stats increase an additional 10% for each servant sacrificed

It attack the nearest enemy hero.

If zelus is above 125 weapon power the giant is a melee golem that can slam the ground and stun a group of heroes for .5 seconds or grab one nearby hero and hold them for .5 second damaging them for 5% health +10 wp

If zelus is above 125 cp he summons a giant spider that has a cc slow. All of the spiders attacks inflict a poison dealing 12% cp for 1 second. The spider can lung at an enemy or shoot a group of enemies from distance with a web that slows them.


I like it! You’ve got the idea right that if you have a minion based hero, their kit has to be based almost entirely around the minions. The only thing I’m not sure about is the ult, if each version has two basic attacks, which one does it use? Is it random, or is there a pattern? It could become confusing, it might be better for each one to only have one basic attack.

I guess I forgot to add but the slam for the wp golem would be 5 seconds and the grab would be 3 seconds. The ranged slow for the cp spider would be 4. Thanks for telling me and the lunge would be 3 seconds. Thanks for letting me know what you think. This is my first fan hero so all criticism is welcome.