Your best games from last year

Which games in 2020 did you guys like a lot? What’s like the top of your list from last year? What new decent games did you discover too?

This usually is an end of year question but how bout we start off the new year looking back at all the new games that were enjoyed and thus hoping for more great games this year too!

So do tell what great games you played last year!

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Witcher 3 was my first open world realistic/mature(?) game that led me to Assassins Creed: Odyssey.

Other than that, Im still playing my slow and comfy games such as SDV, Spiritfairer, ACNH, and Skyrim.

I can say that 2020 has been the year that Ive spent the most on games so I have alot to list out but the major revelation is that I found my new found enjoyment for the games that are like Witcher!

Kinda scared to play Cyberpunk once I get my hands on a Ps5

edit: I totally forgot about Pokemon SwSh but I really dont care for it or its dlc that Ive still haven’t bought. Last time Ive played it was around the time that we were trading pokemon for the dex :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:


Lol that was awhile ago, if you ever do play it again I will say the second dlc is definitely good, them max lairs are really fun.

Oh yea I’ve heard Witcher 3 is great, open world but also so much story/lore, also that card game Gwent.
I’ve always been wanting try out ac: odyssey, how is it story wise? I’ve heard the women main character is more detailed/fitting in the story than the guy character apparently

Also spiritfarer is so damn beautiful, I haven’t finished it cuz it’s also so heartbreaking throughout


The year really did have a ton of good games tbh. The main standouts for me were Persona 5 Royal, Xenoblade DE, and the FF7 Remake. I don’t really have much to say about P5R and XBDE bc they’re just enhanced versions of already amazing games, but I loved FF7R a lot, even with the whole controversial ending. I’m still really surprised how they actually did manage to turn a few hours worth of gameplay in original to a full standalone game with generally throwaway characters getting fully fleshed out and stuff.
Some other games I really enjoyed too were the Sponegbob BFBB remake, Granblue VS, and Hades which I recently picked up. The SB game remake was pretty fun imo, it still has a lot of flaws from the original and it’s a bit more of a nostalgia game more than anything, but the devs definitely put a lot of love into it and I really liked it. I really loved GBVS as well bc it’s such a fun fighting game as an Arcsys one and the bonus codes for the gacha are really cool. I do think it sucked how the game got hit with so much stuff (namely the delayed overseas releases and big tournaments like EVO getting cancelled) that prevented it from getting a decent audience. As for Hades, I haven’t actually played too much yet, but it’s a really fun game and as a rougelike, it definitely has a ton of value for its price.
Also, I played AC Odyssey this year as well and despite Ubisoft being kinda bad as a company, I liked it a lot too. It was a really cool open-world game with the sheer amount of content it had like all the locations to loot and the roaming targets. I did find it a bit weaker at the end though bc the main story ending (even with the “true” one) was a bit underwhelming imo and while it probably was on me, the lategame quests (for the story at least) were pretty easy bc the skills and equipment I had were just so broken.


Oh hades is definitely great, the story tied in with the rouge like nature of the game is done so well, there is quite a lot in the game and its definitely another awesome game from supergiant games.

Good to know more about ac odyssey and how the ac odyssey story might come off. FF7 Remake yea that’s really impressive how that short amount originally was expanded into a whole game, definitely will be interesting to see how the next episodes of that remake will go

Persona 5 royal, for the section of the main story that was in p5, is there a lot of changes to that now in p5 royal? Like significant changes to the current main story or is it mostly new story stuff after what was already present in p5?


There aren’t any really huge changes in the story outside of the new third semester that gets added in Royal, but there are still a pretty good amount of story changes like the new characters getting a good amount of screentime before they become more major characters and the already-existing social links with characters from the original getting expanded a bit. There are a ton of changes to the gameplay itself though like the dungeons getting expanded/changed a lot, combat getting a lot of nice changes like Personas getting passives for more strategy, and a lot of general QoL changes getting added too.


Ok, I’ve always wondered how much the story may have changed between p5 and p5 royal since I know your p5 save won’t carry over, you gotta start fresh in royal. I assumed there would be a good amount of qol changes and combat changes to also making starting over necessary, good to know I’m right there.