You guys are awesome!

Nice to see the community preserve our beloved forums : ^)


garbage alternative but will do for now

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thanks to everyone who makes this happen <3


Looks a little weird, but feels fresh. I’m willing to help this place however I can.


Yeah there will be differences - and we are trying some things with the forum design which may or may not work - specifically we have tried to avoid having a spot where everything gets posted (aka General in the old forums).

The good thing is since we have control of it, if something doesn’t work then we can retool, reconceptualise and try again!

So please, any feedback is very welcome.


I’m curious about what makes it “garbage” to you - is it just that change is bad, or do you have some experience with Discourse? Any more specific feedback is welcome.


Idk whats his problem, the forum is quite good


Yeah it’s new… but I like the design! It’s fresh :3


Well I could no doubt use some perspective - been buried in Discourse for a fair bit now so I am uber excited about it and some of the features which I think are going to be really helpful in terms of dealing with some of the community issues we have had on the old problems (for example shit posting) and some things like the Wiki posts which should just be great fun!

Some pet grievances about the interface:

  1. Any way to extend the textbox to take the entire width of the screen? Right now the timeline on the right eats up almost 1/3rd of the screen for me.
  2. The transparency of the textboxes is very distracting while reading and scrolling (maybe due to the white burst of light in the middle). Is there any way to change it to an opaque black like the old forums?

Yeah, that’s an option. We’re working on setting up some alternate backgrounds, and could add a theme with less transparency in the future.

What platform are you reading on, if I may ask? If you’re on mobile, have you tried the Discourse app?

Thanks for the feedback, as well.

I’m on my Laptop (haven’t tried it on mobile yet). Web browser is Firefox.

Interesting … I’m using the same (FF on Windoze 10). Perhaps it’s my excessively wide window width, not sure.

We’ll likely be adding some options for adjusting the theme in the future, so your feedback is helpful. Thanks!

Hello world and all who inhabit it. <3


I feel strong Hipsterskaarf vibes in the community guidelines. It was a good read, unlike other “dry” guidelines this was really accurate

Like someone else said the textboxes are a little too transparent and they don’t take up much of the screen.

Also some buttons and words near the bottom of the page are barely visible.

It also feels a little convoluted (forum overall) but it is to be expected when you start a forum. I am sure it will be smoothed out in the near future.

Edit - also the background image doesn’t look good as a forum background. Might just be me though.
Edit 2 - I use PC

Actually, no! Those are the default guidelines that come with this forum software. But they really match what we want this place to be, and was part of why we think this place will be awesome.

We’ll be making more posts about this in the future, but Discourse works with user trust levels, which effect levels of access. Higher trust leads to more abilities, like editing community wikis, or helping move posts to appropriate subforums, or editing titles for clarity. Basically, this software lets the community be its own moderator, and lets them actually be proud of their own space, instead of just addicted to it (which we all are lol). And that sounds pretty cool to me.


I understand that, but I think having a General similar to the old one would be better. It allows people to quickly check for news, see what’s trending, instead of having to visit specific subs. Most of the time users that aren’t deeply involved in the forums don’t go anywhere except for General.

Anyways, let’s see how it goes before changing anything.

This is going to take some time to get used to, but I appreciate all who were involved to create this!