You dont need fountain in 5v5

Timing your abilities and crucible is more important, if your carries make mistake he’ll bursted down in 2 sec so fountain is often wasted. And it gives shitty stats too. I dont understand why most supports rush fountain over crucible

It depends on the match. The most important thing is taking objectives, and that usually happens through pressuring lanes and over-powering whatever defense the enemy team puts up. Sometimes, fountain is what you need, to make sure your carries don’t have to go back to base, giving the enemy a chance to relieve that pressure. Sometimes, that will mean an early crucible to block ganks which might neutralize the pressure you’re putting on. Sometimes it might even be an early tension bow or stormcrown, to add offensive pressure, rather than defensive sustain. But it all comes down to what you think will help your team apply pressure.

That said, I’m usually rushing fountain, like 90% of the time. It’s still very useful in teamfights if your carries know how to cycle and engage properly. Being able to restore health of 3 or 4 low-health allies is immense.


People forget about RB providing a barrier. So many of the Roams benefit from health scaling. I still think FoR is very useful for late game large team fights. There is so much AoE damage that the total amount healed over 5 teammates is too valuable to skip in most situations. It seems to work well as a retreat, heal, re-engage item. Beyond Crucible and WT, everything else is situational/hero specific. The roam meta is really good.


You should never have fountain before you have cruci wartreads and rooks completed. If you’re playing Lyra Adagio Ardan and Lorelai you shouldn’t buy fountain at all.

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I find that this is very bad on Most captains.
It offers too little. It shouldn’t be bought on a healer and is a situational third pick…

Why Rooks over Capacitor on healers?

You need a couple items before getting capacitor so it really becomes worth getting. Not saying getting an early capacitor is bad but the team wide barrier rooks provides is more impactful than the amplified healing capacitor will provide in the mid game.

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I often get an early CP on toplane Adagio. But yeah I get the point.

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