You cannot mute yourself in voice chat

Don’t know how noone here seemed to have noticed so far, but joining voice chat and muting yourself does not actually work.
This bad. Like, bad bad. The kind of bad that should either be fixed immediately or be visibly disclosed somewhere. At least voice chat is restricted to partys for now, so the potential fallout is manageable, but still. Bad

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Yea, I noticed it too like last week when I thought I was muted but my party could hear me :o

Great. That means it has been bugged from the getgo. You’d think that’d be a bit of a priority to fix… But I guess voice chat being a “preview” means we’re stuck with an untouched feature for the next 3 to 30 months.

Maybe they made it for hands-free ear phones? uno the ones where you need to press the button to talk. it’s default is mute.

Push-to-talk would be the best option, yes, but that’s not how it works, currently. There simply is no way to mute yourself as it is. I think it works while actually playing, but you’re definitely unmuted in the party screen and in hero select.

Thanks for giving us a heads up!

Push to talk seems like the best but a button would need to be on screen taking away vision plus I can only accurately play with a Max of 3 fingers

Sorry, I haven’t tested it out myself, but You can still mute everyone else right?