You are playing Skye wrong. This is how you play her. (Ultimate Guide) Made by: Smexyboi and Suna

I don’t know why people play WP Skye, but its not that good. Here is why:

Good at Laning minions
Slow shred damage
Poke damage if played correctly

No crowd control
Can’t pose a big threat
Her other abilities are useless without CP

Skye is a very squishy player. Laning with her is very difficult to farm minions - if you are going CP -, but she is also good at controlling fights. Her ultimate control pathways of fights and her first ability controls the distance between enemies and allies. When laning with her, there is no reason to die. Absolutely no reason to. She has an comparable agility to Kensei. If you play her right, you can almost dodge every ability with her 2nd ability and her passive. She is a massive poke god. People usually lose with her because they don’t know how to play her. For an example, most players play Celeste as a laner, but 3/4 of those players barely know how to play here. They don’t know her weaknesses and her advantages. This is the same as Skye. She is such a good Hero and yet, no one knows how to play her effectively.

Massive damage
Comparable agility to Kensei
Fight controls
Low cool down Crowd Control
Multi target abilities


I can’t stress this enough but if you are a type of player who can’t react quick in a situation, this is not the hero for you. Every second you delay to make a good move will increase your chances for your demise to occur. You must be extremely careful playing her - especially if you are going all damage. There is no doubt in my mind that if you screw up a play, your positioning, or your strategy, you will die in an instant.

Personal Build For CP SKYE
3: Spellfire
4: Shatterglass
5: Broken Myth
6: Clockwork
Potion: CP

If you are going Jungle Skye, this build works as well. Its better to go jungle skye because its easier to clear jungle camps actually. Laning Skye is hard to do. Just stick with jungle Skye instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

IGN: Spacetrek
IGN: Smexyboi (My duo partner)


CP Skye is poo poo, her A gets bodyblocked and juked left and right easily


I love the way u explain it but the Queen of VG is only limited to 3v3 sadly, i used to be a Skye main but all the other heros out shine her due to body blocking and more enemy’s that can burst her down when focused.

All most everything written about WP Skye is wrong, I didn’t even bother to read the rest.


I started reading up until you said weapon power is weak, it’s actually the only viable build path or her right now in 5v5 (I’ve played over 200 matches with Skye I know her strengths). Guess you could make the case for CP jungler but in lane she’s woeful.

As for your build, WTF, you’ve got no defence, this simply won’t fly at any reasonable tier level (you must be maxed out at tier 7) In 5v5 there are just to many hero’s to kite so you can’t rely on her B/C to kite. Seriously GTFO with no defence she’s super squishy and not even a reflex block to prevent stuns is madness.

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Yeah that is what i said, SHE IS HARD TO PLAY. You make 1 wrong move you are dead. That’s why i don’t recommend her for players like you who build defense and are used to get poked several times. She is extremely squish, this is why players shouldn’t play her if they don’t know how to dodge.

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Some people are just used to defense, you can’t blame them. It’s the easiest way to climb towards higher ranks. However, it also means you won’t enhance your mechanics making you stuck at tier 9 forever. It’s best to learn how to play smart before you can build defense.

Rofl, I play in tiers 9/10 and have a very high win rate with Skye (I mained her for one patch with a win rate approaching 70%), my lifetime win rate is over 60% for roughly 200 games. Tell me what’s your stats look like with her and at what levels?

I’m not the only person pointing this out to you. For instance, no crowd control with WP, like her ult doesn’t work when your not CP you’re also forgetting her A slows based on WP.

You talk about her being a poke god with her passive, but how, cp path doesn’t allow her to kite. Her WP path is strong because she can exploit her passive super mobile allowing her to stack BP (Christ watch dnzio at worlds, nothing has changed in this respect).

As for no defence, a Skye with no reflex block is doomed, any competent player with CC will shut you down (think Ardan gauntlet). If you think your dodging everything in 5v5 then you’re wrong. I’ve not seen a CP Skye in tiers 10 in the last two patches.

Right now her CP path needs a buff, in lane it’s easy to dodge her A and her farm clear is weak. The only viable lane she can plays CP is mid and most of the meta hero’s there shut her down (think Celeste, Varya). Sure she can play jungle but for me there are bette choices to be had.


Your tier 7, assuming your not smurfing you’ve never played past tier 8.


@Suna @Dasmexyboi You guys do know that buying defense does NOT make you any better right? Additionally if you had block you would be practicing your mechanics more than without defense as you would be playing her more and not dying from single gauntlet or Cath A. And you Dasmexyboi, you need to let go of your ego. Again top players in the world buy defense. Sometimes barely any damage and almost all defense. It depends on the hero, some won’t get any defense like Cp Kestrel. But you not buying defense isn’t making you any better. You best remember that.


Best laners in the world often start the match with one defence item, only exception to no defence in tiers 9/10 is Kestrel Can’t think of anyone else who gets away with it.

It’s easy to go pure glass cannon in lower tiers were people aren’t counter drafting, building and mechanical skills are poor. Problem is they’re going to plateau in tiers 8/9/10, when they encounter better players and they’ll lack the ability to reflex
Block stuns or CC.

For the record guys Bob is VG silver, I suspect he knows a little more about the game than either of you.


I don’t know your experience but for me back in 3v3 it was nightmare. I played only jungle and these laners damn. A top laner in the world has a new build they just showed in vg8. Next day all the damn laners are doing the exact same thing besides getting the defense from that build. Especially hurtful for my match when the defense is a HUGE part of the build like on Vox for example. They go with very very sustain heavy build but they do not survive 3 seconds so I do not understand how they’d think that works. And just like this guy here they think they’re good for doing it.

Nothing more frustrating than watching our no defence team mate getting blown up in seconds leaving you to run away from a 2v3 fight. It’s just feeding them gold and experience.

Like you say take one look at a dnzio video on YouTube and you’ll see he almost always starts with a defence item (certainly in 5v5). He has to be in the top three laners in the world and of its good enough for him it’s good enough for me.