You are now the last Hero you played as. Without naming them, describe your sex life with two of their quotes

A modified version of my post on Reddit lol because they might have gotten a bit upset over there.

Rawrwarw, Hrarhaghrr Arhrahgrrh…Rhearhaaw!

Ew, you said the “R” word pleb

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Which hero says that? Also, it was blurred for a reason.

“I haven’t eaten a decent crusty roll in months”

“The harder way is best for learning”

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“Tap something please…”
“My patience is not limitless”

Did I win?

30 characters my doods

Teemo on duty

Wait a minute

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I love reddit!


30 heccing characters my doods

owooooooooooooooooooo what’s this

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shut leftspectators fam do not react

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shut pt stop react owoooooooooooooooooo


“It slices, it dices, it cuts through tin cans!”

“Tell your mom to stop calling me”

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“How does it feel, love?”
"This better not be a trap."
According to the source, these are actual SAW quotes, and he (or she) doesn’t seem fond of traps. :rowing_man:

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He’s pretty upset when he says it, too.

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@BORB @Chriszle as well as mine are my favs so far kek

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this thread is so cringe it makes me want to die with the old forum.


Better keep it alive by replying to it :thinking:

thanks for your wisdom fam much appreciated