Yay New Layout

Woooo stormqueen bg is back!
Now the font looks strange tho…


The theme designer changed the base font … I’m still trying to decide if I like it. It’s very legible, but I’m not in love with it yet.


The notification and hamburger text might need to be sized up a bit in Mobile browsers it’s a wee bit small

it’s weird that my desktop browser doesn’t show the stormqueen, but my android devices do.


I’m just glad it fixed itself… when I opened the site earlier (laptop, google chrome) the entire thing was like Discord Light Theme. It was blindingly awful. It looked like I turned on negative colors, except profile pics and other pictures weren’t affected.I tried to navigate around to see if it was a new setting, but I didn’t see anything or any announcement. I closed the tab and when I opened it again it was fixed. @hazeleyes do you know anything about this? Was it just a freak breakdown for me?

(I didn’t see anyone else having this problem, so I didn’t make a topic. Figured I should report it somewhere though. Also, I like the new font.)


It’s usually a cacheing issue … a refresh will likely fix it, though sometimes you might need to manually clear the browser’s cache.

When all else fails, maybe Roboto Sans?

Never stick with vg theme Northwood high


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The new font is nice, much better than it was when the background disappeared. I for one like it!

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I thought this was a bug until I read this.

Just wanted to say good job on the forums background balance still showing through the name title but not through the content. Genius. Best of both worlds.

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