Yates invincibility bug

Credit for @Gatorrex for exposing this bug
Like how can a bug like this go trough testing ?
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Eh already reported and they are putting it on high priority


Yeah saw nothing on reddit, twitter and the forums

Is there a way to know without having inside info? This is a big issue, did they even address it?

I submitted a ticket through support and they replied

I know you know, but by now most of not all of the active community knows about the bug. I’m curious if SEMC has said anything about the bug or being in the process of fixing it. Sometimes they do on like Twitter more often they don’t. This is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen, I feel like it should be acknowledged at least.

Claim your PBE access. You have shown your worth.

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Gat has probably discovered more bugs and glitches than all the PBE testers combined.