Wu Xing Kestrel

My entry for the fan art contest (Vision of Wu Xing Kestrel) colored.


I love the floral element on the bow. Really nice artwork! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the forums. I hope you share more artwork in the future!

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there is so much detail in this. at first glance, i think its water colour on paper, then i look at the hair and there’s individual strands of hair, which makes me analyse the log and other parts and i think you must’ve used some sort of drawing program and some sort of tablet.

then some fine tuned editing to make it look like its hand drawn on paper.

am i correct ? I love anything in watercolour because i personally find it the most challenging type of art.

if this really is hand drawn, then. damn. my mind is blown. I hope you win. There’s so much depth and thought in this artwork.


Thank you for appreciating my drawing!

It is drawn traditionally but colored digitally. I dont really have plans on coloring it (since I’m not good at watercolor and don’t know digital then) but I got bored and made a DIY stylus (kinda fail) then tried digital on my phone with that drawing and liked the result lol. So it’s just sketchpad and phone, no computers or drawing tablets hehe



The apps that I use is medibang paint for the coloring and Magic Poser to help me in anatomy and poses.


Welcome to the forum! Added you to the Artists group :art: