Wtf My comments on 3.5 Balence notes

Like Niv really wanted to rip Malone and Samuel a new bootyhole…

26!! cooldown for his base on all levels and thats pretty detrimental like wtfffff. Atleast scale it to make it higher with his early level and lower with late game. It pretty much forces you to buy Clockwork >:((

Since Clockwork was the reason it got such a high cooldown, why dont they individually fix that to prevent it from getting out of hand like Kestrels Spellfire B proc.
Just prevent Drifting Dark from being affected by clockwork.smh

IG Melone had her cooldown nerfs coming to her but still…shes supposed to spam her abilities, change the damage instead of a much longer cooldown;-;

Please do comment if u agree with the recent changes and feel why they are necessary.


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