WR Regional Alpha - BRA and PHL

We’re rolling out a small number of invites for the regional Android alpha in Brazil! While we’re testing our systems today, queues will be open from 14:00 - 22:00 BRT, and on June 6/7 from 18:00 - 22:00. For more updates (in Portuguese!), please follow

Source: https://twitter.com/wildrift/status/1268954497297989635


The Philippines alpha starts June 6 at 18:00 PHT, and you can follow along for updates on

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Alot of brazil gameplay is being uploaded to youtube and the one thing really that stands out the most to me is how how smooth it the controls are.

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I am really hoping that they will not prolong too much the launch… I really want to play the game, but that is not the important part - it’s always not good to delay too much as the interest will fade away with time. I already see streamers to stop streaming the game as even if they hit a lot of views on youtube, their core twitch viewers are more important.

My point is - few games to watch for the hype are always welcome, but that game is from those you should experience first and then watch really good players/pro players play it (or tournaments ofc), not people that does not know even LOL basics for the most part. Few exceptions ofc

Also worth to note is that if they have the infrastructure ready, the gameplay looks polished enough for prime time imho. Especially with the recent patches that tune things up. One or two more like that and it should be ready, but I fear they plan bigger alpha testing, then beta and with that speed the game will launch end of the year. :frowning:

Tbh Im fine with all that. It shows that they’re really taking their time with it and with the betas, it gives the other teams more time for their plans.

Not just that but I think Riot wants everything perfect so WR doesnt flop and they lose all the money that they used making the mobile client :joy:

Also about the hype, some big streamers (Scarra) already said that they might play the game when it comes out so they are already bring some attention to the game indirectly.

I can see from where you are coming from, but initially the game was planned to launch early this year (not alpha, not beta, full launch). Also I can’t see how that game can flop given that it’s quality is already clearly visible in the alpha + riot + LOL universe/name. Can’t see anything in it’s gameplay to want you quit, nor I see anything wrong with frequent improvements over the first months after launch.

It’s clear a lot of big streamers will stream the game. If that will stick depends solely on views. Some ML big names will surely stream too + most likely do content for both if it’s successful as ML leads to a lot of views. Also as someone said in twitter - no matter what they do and by how much they delay, it’s insta millions of downloads the moment they release the game.

riot chasing quality is obvious in everything they do, including WR as the alpha is really great (watched quite a lot content for it).

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But isn’t quality subjective though? How you might perceive quality might differ from mine. Anyways I digress.

It is ofc, but it’s clearly higher quality than ML. :slight_smile: objectively - no ads everywhere, no clickbaits, no 100 clicks to collect things when you login, no 0.0001% chance lootboxes or 100 dollars + grind for a single skin, smoother animations, better gfx, better sound, more unique heroes with more depths to them, better draft screen, better pings system… I can go on and on. Oh, and I play ML quite a lot, I am not one of those VG diehards that insulted the game with 5 matches on it (no offence).

ML is different, yes - it’s fast from the start and most times to the finish (tho it can drag out late game if teams are equal and everyone is more tanky). It will have it’s players after WR launch, I assure you that one.

So while some things are subjective as art style, gameplay, etc - some are objective and clearly WR is making ML look bad. As AOV - was dropped primary because of LOL WR that, don’t forget, is in development not long after AOV launch + AOV tried too much to be ML copy, actually. WR is different and a lot closer to PC LOL that actually I play from the beta days, add to that original dota from beta days too.


I think they may have taken away a few valuable lessons from the TFT release, which was not feature complete and received backlash due to it.
Player retention and initial reviews will be better with a more polished product, and both will offset marketing cost.

It’s a smart move, in my eyes; and while they are behind schedule now, this isn’t an unusual delay. Annoying, maybe, but fans got used to it.


This … times a lot. TFT on mobile is definitely an inferior experience even now, and they (appropriately) continue to take grief about it — so I’m pretty sure they won’t make that mistake again.