WPC or What?

So in League and most other MOBAs, the bot laner is usually called the ADC, or attack damage carry, because basic attack damage is increased by attack damage items. However, in VG, attack damage is called weapon power, so are ADCs now called WPCs?

Basically VG has flexible positions that makes the game much more diverse and you dont need to always have a WPC on top, or a mage in mid or even a tank in bot. VG is the pinnacle of flexibility


Call them auto damage carries. Boom problem solved

no, im asking what the technical term for heroes like WP ringo and stuff would be…

No skill damage dealers.


WP Celeste Bot is pretty difficult. It’s basically the saving grace for all ranged WP dealers.

You’ll find it isn’t as flexible as you think. Playing CP bottom for example leaves you miles from the CP buff, and vice versa for the WP carry.

that only is am issue, if you are tho one who is supposed to take the buffs.
but without actual team coordination on both sides, the game really is flexible. it all comes down to luck

Luck? Emmm let’s agree to disagree… I expect they’re will be a meta which most high level game play adopts.

Now where are my funny and useful ratings… I don’t “like” this but it does crack me up…

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Weapon power carry/jungler
Crystal power Carry/jungler

It is basic like that…

Snipers tends to be the VG description of choice.

Its flexible. If you have a bad lane matchup, you’ll find that feeding your buff to the enemy laner is only 1 of your problems.

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I was going to write the exact same thing! Missing my funny rating

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“weapon power Celeste”

miss me with that throw

Get the rating image, save it to your device, and attach it :stuck_out_tongue: