WP Lorelai

Would it work? In theory I think it’d be great. She’d have great engage/disengage with her ult and her pools to speed her up and get her in and out of fights. From what I remember her attack speed/damage is also already pretty decent, even building support. So if you had to build WP Lorelei, how would you go about it? I’m useless at builds, so someone help me out here. (I’m not a coward, I’ll actually do it)

This is just potential. I’m not an “all that great” builder myself but maybe this could work.
Sorrowblade, Poison shiv/Serpents Mask, and Breaking Point.

This is just theory. I didnt go into practice and try it. just off the top of my head. I might try it later though. it does sound interesting with lorelei going wp to begin with

Lorelai does CP damage as basic attacks. If I had to build her WP:

SB, TT, TT, Shiversteel, Crucible, War Treads.

The idea is to max the CP damage from her perk via high attack speed and max health for ability scaling. You could drop the SS for a SB.

But why


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f*ck the meta man! WP Celeste next c’mon letsgoletsgogo


i see this all the time in br and it works well if she is not engaged upon

hahahaha I did it, and it was alright. Definitely not my first pic, I’d rather go CP. Mostly because she squishes every time she attacks. The faster she attack, the faster she squish.

Towards the end all I could hear was Squish SQUISH SQUISH SQUISHSQUISHSQ

6/10 would not recommend unless you do not own ears or play on mute


Splish splash, I was kickin’ some ass.


Poor your teammates in ranked…

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m8 I haven’t played ranked in 3 seasons

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Oooo I like dat.

(30 character s)