WP Koshka?

Historically Koshka has been strictly a CP hero (though I have vague recollections of people building her as WP shortly after release), but the last couple of patches have been giving her a little WP scaling, and now her “Mobile Fighter” recommended path is WP (with stormcrown, which I guess I’m going to have to get used to). So is WP Koshka workable now?

I’ve messed around with her in a couple bot matches, but haven’t gotten to play a jungler in casuals since the patch. WP actually seems to do more damage, with CP not being better at anything except killing lane minions. I kinda feel like Koshka’s WP and CP need to be differentiated a bit more, since they play almost exactly the same.

I was thinking this when I saw the patch notes. I don’t often play Koshka, but my friend does I’ll mention it to her and we’ll try mucking around with it.

Don’t do it.

I’m trying to not be angry at this but changing a characters fundamental style is basically trying to come up with a free hero for the game. Change CP to WP and people start playing her more. Alternatively, screwing her around so people don’t and opt for the newer junglers.

She needs a bit of work, and alternate paths aren’t necessarily a bad thing.

My only real problem is that we need a couple of strong CP junglers, and Koshka seems a little “meh”. She’s not bad (51% WR, I think), but she had her speed and burst damage nerfed around the time 5v5 came out, while having her tankiness and damage from her empowered basics buffed, which is shifting her from a dash assassin to more of a brawler. If she’s getting a workable WP path, I’d kinda rather see that become her brawler path, and have CP return to more pounce-twirl-flee shenanigans.

It doesn’t bug me if she can be built weapon, I just don’t think she’s different enough between paths.

I’d like to see a couple changes to help give her a clearer defined playstyle for both WP and CP paths.

Make her heroic perk’s movement speed duration scale with bonus crystal power up a about 25% stronger than it is now. Capping at about 250 cp.

Make her barrier from her B scale with weapon power.

Add fortified health to her ult while active, and give it WP scaling.

She could also use a slight bump in CP ratio on her empowered attacks simply for balancing.


My thoughts exactly. I had honestly thought about those suggestions in the opening post, but edited them out (I wanted to hear what others thought first). She’s almost right, but her style is a bit bland, and there is no real difference between WP and CP.