Wp idris build

I main idris and am on bad losing streak with him partly due to my stupid builds. What is the meta build right now on his Wp path? Is bonesaw necessary or can I just build raw crit instead of it? Is PS necessary when there is no need for MW for the lane sustain with BoE passive? I am having similar damage output to my roam for a few matches and it just sucks .

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Do you build BP? I think he need attack speed so he can use his ability more often. And BP is not a bad choice for Idris.

I build it in most of my matches but against something like 3-4 squishies getting raw damage than ramping up of BP seems effective.

CP Idris + SSW, BoE early game. Can no longer see the appeal of WP Idris, gets deleted too easy even with A’s barrier.

Umm Rona is way better than WP Idris. I’d say try CP Idris cuz it’s more fun and safer

Nope. Rona is a sustain bruiser, idris is an assassin. It’s like saying reim and taka are similar just because they are cp and can burst down targets quickly


Hybrid? CP+SSW? Hybrid idris is not optimal.His unlocked perk in brawl modes is not the same as in regular ranked matches

SB/SM BP TM TT/TM aegis/husk JB/WT

Ps and bs rip your raw damage output to shreds…
If you build ps you need:


Is TB better than BS?TB gives decent burst and wp compared to BS.

Tb slows you down perk wise. Tb needs to be bought first for the snowball…

TB+Heavy steel is somewhat similar to the cost first purchase SB. It is the pierce for which I want to build TB, against heavy armor SB BP damage alone isnt that much. BS gives crappy damage just for the shred it provides and it is more costly than.

I like that Hybrid Idris; AC DE SG SS. It comes in handy at times to have both perks. If you wanna go single tho, CP is better atm.

Yep but that is more of a problem with diving than wp path being bad atm. He just cant survive those dives late game teamfights with defense nerfs and 2 more damage sources. I would say he can be a very good splitpusher even in wp path as most heroes cant 1v1 him right now except sustain heroes or tanky ones like grumjaw, rona or baptiste.

The best place for Idris to be in a teamfight (if you’re lookin to survive) is behind the bruiser or captain, but in front of allied carries. that way, a Lance or summin can protect him, and, when low, he can ult a good distance away by ulting back onto your ally and back again off him.

However, I think he should be played more like Reza. He is meant to be an assassin, after all. Both these heroes have loads of mobility, and therefore have the ability to dive right to the back of the enemy team where others can’t. This makes them perfect for taking out an enemy hypercarry before a teamfight even starts. Even if you do die, so long as you get that important carry, you give your team an advantage.