WP/CP Fortress viable? (3v3)

On first glance I would have never thought Fortress to be a support, but I guess I’m wrong. His A and Ult are extreme damage dealers, and he gets up to 140% at speed from his base stats (which is way higher than any melee wp hero), so is it good and playable? Or am I just fantasising?

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I’ve seen people play his WP path and to be fair they said they mained it and it worked quite well. His CP path is very strong, but he suffers from early game scaling issues and can get snowballed. He is certainly very viable and if you can get to midgame he is incredible strong in 3v3.

I’m not a big fan of roam fortress he is all about aggression and snowballing, so you need to be coordinated to take advantage of this. He has virtually no peel capability for his team; been at the receiving end of a gank whilst my fortress roam just basic attacks the enemy as I’m being pummelled.

Fortress used to be an initiator class Roam (before introduction of captains).

He and catherine were disruptors while Ardan was a protector for example.

Ever since his reworks and several other changes he became a sort of hybrid jungler/captain.

He has a mortal wound, a bleed, a lifesteal buff for allies attacking his marked target and an almost global Ult which makes him tanky while the map is scouted.

He was a primary attacker alongside the real jungler.

So I can build Fortress with only 2 damage items? It seems enough, but maybe I’ll go with three. I’ll test it out now, thank you

Two items? I’d probably go CW,AS,BM, people used to use SC but it’s nerfed now so not sure how relevant it is… probably better answered by someone else as I don’t play CP fortress myself.

Sounds interesting, I’ll try it

A little off topic but the #1 blitz player eu plays a lot of wp fort in blitz, since his rare talent gives attack speed and wp percent. I’m still more of a fan of cp fort or full tank as fort, time your abilities and you’ll be chunking those carries like no tomorrow.

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I’ve thrown CW in because his power comes from his abilites, stacking bleed for instance or having his ult up constantly to stack bleed etc etc…

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CP & WP fortress are both viable. Same as CP flicker or WP grace. He’s not bound to his role as captain any more than the other captains are, and he is actually one of the better captains to hybrid or go full with his build, with the benefits of his kit.

I’d personally say WP fort is better endgame, but he does benefit from CW and AS as his A gapcloses and his B is in basic range, so CP is best as a hybrid of some kind.

CP is practically support except it has AS and SC in the build, but maybe you already have SC built so there is only a one item change. True CP though is SC AS BM.

I don’t have much to say about WP but it kinda just looks the same but from a player perspective it is probably different. So taking that into consideration he probably looks and does the same thing no matter what he builds…

I thought so too.

But I have played against some mean SC enemies like @Sandiha and his SC first Ardan…

SC Adagio and SC Flicker.

AS SC Fortress VG silver too… It isn’t as dead as I thought it was…