WP Anka Low key better than CP?

After playing an ungodly number of games trying to get cp Anka to not be a potato after every ability use I decided to give WP anka a try (BP/TB/TT/TT/SH/JB) Long story short i was absolutely deleting people! Still didnt land the kills but the assists felt pretty good. Going to run a few more test as WP hopefully it wasnt just a one off thing

Interested in those games. Any screenshots where you can showcase damage done?


Yea next game il get some screen shots from the replay id send the replay but idk how to save it

Is tension bow worth buyin on her? im currently trying to find builds for her on my smurf

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Tried to show the beginning of each fight and how quickly my damage was applied

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If you want to include videos in your post (which would be awesome), upload them to someplace like YT or Vimeo, then include the link :sunglasses:

I just have no clue how to save a replay from VG lol it wasnt that i had no clue how to share it

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Oh, lol :ozo:

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Erm… am i correct in saying these look like Blitz matches?

Yep, I did try it in some norm 3v3 havent found a nice build order yet, but the build i use did get modified to work better in normal gamemodes, its now BP/PS/TT/(TB orTM) and whatever defense you choose to build