Would you include deaths into a gameplay video?

Hey guys, I am working on my next weekly YouTube video, and while editing I had a thought. Would it bother you if a gameplay video includes deaths aswell? I have the fear that people get turned off watching a gameplay which includes these, as a guildmate even told me that it looked lame in the video :frowning:

If you want to make yourself look better than you actually are, don’t include deaths.


Thank you for your advice. I guess I will include them aswell.

Even if you dont include deaths, they can still see that you died. also, if you die during a teamfight, leave it in and follow the teamfight until it ends. As long as theres action, i dont think anyone should have too much of a problem with it.


Leave the deaths add commentary on about how you could have avoided if at all.

I would still consider high skill and fragmovie worth it if one go 1vs5 on objective, delete 4 of the enemy team, delay the objective capturing and die in the process leaving one of them alive. While his team freshly spawned rushes towards the objective. One from many possible scenarios, but dying is not bad, depends what you got from the situation. :slight_smile:

Edit: I would even enjoy something like 1 player on super small HP vs 2 enemy’s trying to finish him off for ace and he manages to delay it till one of his team spawns to deny the ace. Saw that ingame and did it, sometimes to fragmovie degree of coolness.

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Why would you exclude deaths? Are you editing multiple matches into on video? If your showing one match it would be odd to cut over all the bits where you died.

I’d actually find it really difficult to edit a VG match, surely you just show the entire match? No?

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I think it’s stupid when people edit their videos in a way that makes them look better than they are.

If you’re not good, just don’t make that type of video.

Finished editing it and I put the deaths in it aswell. It’s without commentary, but montage-ish, just with one match. WP Krul with Song 2 from Blur :slight_smile: I will post the link here after uploading it!

Seems like I’m in the minority (kinda). Videos are created for entertainment or to engage with the audience. Thus, it is important to know what message your video is trying to portray and what your audience expects/wants. If your audience is going into your videos wanting to see gameplay analysis on how to get better or something similar, then showing deaths are a valuable asset for analysis. If your audience is going into your videos wanting to see a crazy and amazing things, then showing deaths would destroy that immersion. If your audience wants to see silly and funny moments, then using deaths for comedy is fine. If you’re just putting the entire match up, then perhaps your audience is looking for how an entire match progresses and wants to see the deaths. Just note that it’s not always going to be this formula to decide whether to include them or not; it all depends on what you want to show and what your audience wants.