Would bf viable in 3.4? will new item impact his gameplay?

so i know this is too early, but would he be viable in next patch? either wp or cp…

His wp side has remained viable. His CP side (the awesome side) has been butchered to nerf the wp side…

The new items might make him viable . . . maybe. it’s too hard to theorize about his engage potential.

it really depends on how popular the new items are. if everybody starts building them… it’s pretty much cancelling out each other, so it’ll be back to skilled shots and timing it after the “barrier” has expired.

I don’t think he will be more viable, in fact, I’m surprised that he hadn’t received a buff.


i think, since now husk is combo from both tier2 armor-shield defense, bf will probably has one free item slot

I think he is good enough right now. A tiny buff could’ve maybe occurred, but I think he is still good

Hehe nerfed. Any hero can kite bf now

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Oh, I was kiting Krul as a Kensei yesterday, but Blackfeather has lots of gap closers

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46.12% Win Rate, i don’t think that’s good.


Krul is easily deleted in the game honestly. Next patch i kiss goodbye to kensei and bf and reza as i play as malene

Are you sure about that? :wink: the nerf is so minimal, I probably won’t see the difference,especially because he gets buffed early game

It’s easy to counter him. His attack are predictable

If its easy to counter him, then why complain about him being op?

I didn’t complain about him being OP! I just said I can kiss goodbye to him as it will be easier.
Nothing deep,

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OK, I misunderstood it, thought you meant “Finally I don’t have to fight against them anymore”… Hmm :thinking:

I might be wrong. I need the new patch to test almost all heroes in casual match so which items actually helps which hero before attempting a rank match.

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to Malene and Lyra update.

CP BF is so dead…

Wp BF is boring and mediocre…


Mediocre? How come? I think he’s unlike any other hero, although his A is pretty unoriginal

This Patch
In my matches I either go 3/4/2 or 18/1/5 this is WP btw. In the CP side I have yet to lost bc I think I played 2 matches with him in the jungle and went like 9/2/1. WP is good if you get at least one kill on the enemy laner and you somehow manage to snowball out of control. Same thing with CP except CP has a damage cap in late game where it starts to do literally nothing. You just have to be good at BF to use him properly I guess because since he doesn’t have anymore CC he is very unforgiving to play. I used mostly SM BP BS for WP and AS BM SG/DE

Next Patch
He is probably gonna be one of the OP laners although WP Grace is gonna be a solid check on him and maybe a little bit too solid. His build diversity is gonna be huge. SM BP BS is gonna be good but is gonna be probably outclassed by SM BP SB TT SH and boots. Although he already has a lot of speed boosts and stuff so maybe people can forget about TT and pick up TM or BS since the actual core of that build is SH. He isn’t gonna need RB at all because of his ults so let’s just wait for his next nerf :confused:
CP is gonna remain literally the same and is gonna get killed as a build path once BF receives nerfs from 3.5 if you know what I mean.

All of the interesting parts of him were removed or destroyed…

He relies on basic attacking and blocking hits with his Ultimate.

CP Blackfeather has to dance around the battlefield to position himself in such a way that he can land his on point and move on from that point forward.

WP BF is a warrior CP Blackfeather is an assassin.