Worlds 2019 Event


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OOOH thats one of my favorite skins. I just love when skins have conversations with itself (lookin at you Gun Goddess MF :easter_happy_3:)

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Here’s where I stand with just over 3 weeks to go in the event – looking pretty good, but definitely need to pick up the pace a little (or buy an orb bundle :money_with_wings: ) if I want to get Riven … not to mention any of the other goodies!

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I ended up buying an orb bundle to be certain I crossed the 2K threshold, so with 11 days to go, I’m now shooting for the other loot on my wish list! :partying_face:

SOOOOOO glad I saved my tokens!!! Sorry, Riven, gotta go for Qiyana instead!!!

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Aaaaannnndddd … done!

LV Senna in the background crying :sob:

Her skin was shown on a screen in the music vid and it looks so nice.

She’s not coming out until 2020, though :wink:

Wait really? Where did they say that??

I thought she would be released at worlds too…

Nope, they mentioned it more than once on stream. She’ll be out “early next year.”

EDIT: Just confirmed in several written articles as well.

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Just a quick reminder that Worlds tokens expire at 11 am Pacific time today! If you have anything you want to buy, get it now! Pro tip: convert leftover Worlds tokens to blue essence – the Essence Emporium will be around again soon, so you’ll be able to spend your accumulated BE on stuff you normally can’t buy with that currency!

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