Worlds 2019 Event

A new event has begun!

Full details here:

LOTS of cool stuff in this patch!!!

So many limited time skins … RIP my wallet … :sob:

A must-have. Bought the Worlds pass, already have 258 tokens towards her!


New launcher just appeared! And you can FINALLY STAY LOGGED IN without having to enter your password every time you open the client!

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I love riven… also the launcher staying logged in - it was about time haha :smiley:


I didn’t realize the team skins were available during this event also! :open_mouth:

Already bought SSG Xayah and IG Kai’Sa:

SSG%20Xayah IG%20Kai'Sa

I just played a match with SSG Xayah – what a great skin! And her recall is hilariously amazing!

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Some really great new Worlds merch just released on the Riot store:

Thinking I might have to get the long sleeve T:


So tonight has been weird … multiple calls from work got me up REALLY early (midnight) and I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I played several matches, after which I ended up completing all but 1 of the Week 2 missions:


AND … when I logged back in after a short break, I was greeted by this notice:

:partying_face: :tada:


So … I decided to watch a couple of pro matches this morning … holy schnikes, these guys are incredible! Just watched HKA vs ISG game 2 – absolutely MASTERFUL Akali play by ISG’s Seiya … wow!

Here’s the main Worlds site in case anyone wants to watch:

Even if you don’t play League, if you know VG’s 5v5, you’ll be able to follow the play quite easily!

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Earn rewards just for entering your picks, and get a cute summoner icon if you earn 34 points over the two stages!

Okay, the Knockout Stage of the Worlds Pick’em challenge is up! (Link in the post right above this one.)

Despite knowing next to nothing about any of the teams before the Group Stage began, I managed 19 points, meaning I only need 15 points over the next 3 rounds to get the cute Pick’em Poro icon! :partying_face:

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Caster Laure Valée is atop the Celebrities leaderboard after the Group Stage … here are her current picks for the Knockout Stage:

* she also notes that she “may or may not change a lot of things” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And here are Eefje Depoortere’s picks:

My picks … for now! They might change (again) after I watch a few more VODs! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Tried to play a quick AI match this AM to get my tokens + XP but once again ended up in a match with a lot of bots on my team. Fortunately, Yuumi was a human player, and this was the result … :yum:

Okay, so I just watched the two G2 vs Griffin matches from the end of the Group Stage … :no_mouth: speechless

Changing my picks! Now looking for Griffin to make the semifinals AT LEAST!

This little dude has joined my growing League collection! So, so impressed with the quality of Riot merch …


I am good at this coming-up-a-few-xp-short-of-the-next-level thing! :man_facepalming:

I thought this was Ice skaarf for a moment…

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Aaaaayyyyyyyy :partying_face:

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What legendary skin did u get from the event?? :lyra:

I didn’t have enough time this week to play the last five days… I think I can finish them today though