World Championship 2019

Watching the Group Stage rn and enjoying it so much that I decided to spring for the Pro View feature ($15 US) … glad I did! I can now select 3 streams to watch simultaneously – here I’ve got the main English language broadcast in the large window, the POV stream for RNG’s Uzi on Xayah on top right, and the map stream on bottom right. Lots of live stats available by scrolling the window down.

Very, very, very cool! I feel like I’m drinking from a fire hose – for me (as an inexperienced player), it’s a great way to learn heroes and strats!


Forgot to post a link to the schedule in the post above – the official site’s layout is difficult to interpret, but a simple Google search results in a very clear display along with links to each match on YT:

If YT and its ads annoy you (as they do me), you can watch on the official site at:

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Today’s matches begin in Berlin in 15 minutes (1300 UTC)!

Matchup of the Day

SKT vs RNG: Faker vs Uzi in the first match!!

O.M.G. :dizzy_face:

What an AMAZING match!!! If you watch only one game this weekend, watch SKT vs RNG – two legendary players facing each other, backed by two of the strongest teams in League … just WOW.

VOD is here:

Really great to see such diversity on the casting team – and they’re quite excellent, as you’d expect for the largest esports competition in the world.

Today’s schedule (times shown are UTC -5, cause that’s my local time zone)!

Current Standings

Here’s the schedule for this weekend’s quarterfinal matches! (Times shown are UTC -5)

These short vids are soooooo good!

First match of the day is in the bag, and we now have our first semifinal team!


IG looking like the defending world champions they are! :muscle: :sunglasses:

First time watching LoL esports and I was surprised on how high their skill levels as a team and all that stuff.

Plus TheShy did what I never thought could be done on a Kayle. Since Kayle is a really risky champion to play, he managed to literally 1v9 :easter_happy_3:

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Yeah, the level of play is insane :open_mouth:

I can’t believe they let Kayle through the draft, tbqh. TheShy’s Kayle is a monster.

Also, that Karthus pick :man_facepalming:

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Who’ll be the next semifinalist?

  • FPX - FunPlus Phoenix
  • FNC - Fnatic

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I totally didnt choose Fnatic because I remember them from VG esports :lyra:

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Lol … as the analysts just said, it depends on which Fnatic shows up today – FPX has been playing awesomely, but FNC really stepped up after it looked like they were going to get knocked out of groups … :man_shrugging:

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Aside: Frosk is my least favorite analyst … she’s really smart but she doesn’t like anyone disagreeing with her.

Favorite analyst: Sjokz … but she’s on interviews here in Madrid :confused:

Daaaannnngggg … this draft is already LIT

TF!? Garen / Yuumi :muscle::muscle::muscle:

RENGAR TOP??? WHAT??? :open_mouth:


This will surely be interesting!

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Welp, that didn’t go so well for FNC :confounded:

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