Woahhh.. Killed it with vox

I enjoyed this game!

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Iam sure the enemies didn’t lol
Also is that wp vox or CP vox?

It was a CP vox. I havent had a good experience with wp vox in 5v5 yet.

CP Vox is outrageously overpowered. WP Vox doesn’t exist right now.

Cp vox will be nerfed to hell next patch.

Winrate is way too high. So is the pick rate.

One would hope so.
Also his single target damage is ridiculously high for some reason…


Dude, nice. I’ll roam when we get into our games, that’s nuts. I’ll turn that death from 1 to 0. :+1: also low-key guild rep.

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I dont know about you but Ive went against many vox players in 5v5 who weren’t an issue. I’m not saying she doesn’t need a nerf but come on my 141 CS, Hero Rotation and Ganking had to be a part of it. Our team didn’t exactly steam roll the enemy team, it was still a good game.

I won like 7 in a row with wp vox@bot. Dealing tons of dmg. He is good as always.

He gets guaranteed DE stacks and has too high cp ratios now…