Woah Nani I'm streaming soon?

Suh doods so I am planning on having a test stream in the afternoon Probably 3-4PM central time and I want u guys to help me out. Currently the main problem I have is AirServer sometimes disconnects from my phone and it can be pretty annoying. Also is having an Ethernet cable highly recommended? Also if any of you are up to it when I start streaming more regularly I may want a decent overlay for my stream, so if u wanna help me out and are decent at graphic design hmu in DMs.


Intro: hello guys ECKS DEEEEEEEEEE

Gl with the stream

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Might as well put a direct link in the thread if you’re gonna advertise it. I’ll gladly support.

I’ll make another post announcing the start of the stream

Imma do that now thanks fam :ozo:

So far I think I already have the best command on twitch If I get partnered Imma make sure my emotes are the best too :^)


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For those of you who want the link to my twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/ninjabryden

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Honestly it is extremely recommended for you to be connected through Ethernet cable vs WiFi and if you can manage to play by(and you device supports it) I recommend using a OTG ethernet adaptor for your device

Do I have both my laptop AND phone connected to ethernet or just my phone?

Well definitely laptap. If you can manage it and your phone allows OTG Ethernet I would connect it to Ethernet too but that is just me to reduce ping as much as possible streaming as no one wants to watch a laggy game

I guess I would have to find a usbc ethernet adapter for Grace tier brutal internet :thinking: