Winter Rona Skin Needed


Rona needs a winter skin if I can’t have an ice hero I WANT ICE RONNNNNA!!! NORTH IS ALWAYS FORWARD!!! I’ll be very satisfied if they gAve her a nether Reza kinda look but with ice and uhh death ya boiii


So turn her into a deathknight ok cool


Not ok with the swords. The Dual Sword idea belongs to Red Rona and should stay that way to keep her different from the rest of her skins.

A replacement would be Ice Axes with metal handles. Other than that, i love the design of the concept


I like the way u think friend hahahahah


Yes ice axes ice spin ice ground shatter


Axes like this


Imagine when she does her A, icicles sprout from the ground. Neeeaattt


Ice heros are damn cool. Ie, Reim.
I do agree with more ice skins and heros because they are cool.


Exactly Lol imagine one with heavy cc and stuns and slows xD


So reim and Lance get drunk one night and 9 months later we have…!