Windows 10 install of vainglory PC

So i bought a HP 22 “all in one” and installed vainglory easily and i’m trying to configure vainglory to run in a box window so I can use the virtual on screen keyboard instead of a physical one.

How ? I can’t find a solution anywhere.

I’m a first time windows 10 user and i already hate it SO much! what ever happened to good old “right click, properties”.

There’s a couple of tricks to try, while I don’t play VG on PC I do play a few other games start maybe those tricks will work.

So first check for a setting inside of VG, but since it’s alpha I doubt they have one
Next try hitting F11, that toggles full screen mode in many applications
If that doesn’t work the last solution off the top of my head is hitting the Windows key or shift tab or whatever key will let you move through different opened apps, for me this would usually force the game im playing into a windowed mode

can you use key by ( Alt + Enter ) can try ? i’m use Windows 10 same

I swear I am SO CLOSE to throwing my windows 10 device at a wall.

More bugs than Bug mountain. Not even an ARMY of Timone’s and Pumba’s and Simba’s could eliminate all those bugs.

Thanks for the CHEAP work around.

litterally it takes 20 whole minutes just to switch to the right screen. I even had to do a FREAKING SEARCH just to find an APPLICATION i installed literally YESTERDAY from the windows app store. (yes, it did NOT even turn up in the “all apps” list…

why does windows 10 even exist.

If your talking about bugs in VG that’s because it’s in alpha but for Windows 10 bugs I don’t think that’s exactly what your dealing with. It’s probably more a bug with your computer, as someone who owned an HP laptop years ago and had friends who also had HP computers it’s safe to say that HP devices can be absolute crap

As for things not showing up on the installed Application list, that’s pretty common im not sure why, probably has to do with how it’s installed. But in the future if your looking for a program just go to this:
“This Computer > C:Drive (or whatever your main storage is)>Program files (or Program files 86)”
In there you will find a list of all your programs (as long as you didn’t change manually where they installed to)

Also I don’t know what type of storage system you have in your computer but if you have an SSD the search feature shouldn’t take more than a minute or so. If you just type the beginning of the file name in the windows search box (use Windows explorer for this not Cortana because Cortana sucks) it will come up as long as you didn’t spell it wrong
(Windows explorer is NOT internet explorer, it is the icon that looks like a Manila Folder)

the thing is, i need the whole experience to be flawless, that a 4 year old could just tap and find. I’m well aware of “work arounds”.

using explorer to manually find, yeah i get it. I still remember their windows 10 pitch being “easy to use” and cortana assistant being so damn good that it can do anything.

if I say “hey, cortana - open settings”… it will use "bing browser to search for “open settings”. literally every single thing i tell cortana to do, is an internet search.

How freaking useless is that. anyway, enough of the gripe. I’m just going to accept that windows 10 is the “puzzle” version of all previous windows. where each task is graded in difficulty from puzzle level 1 to puzzle level 1000.

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the evil of humanity is a very real thing

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