Willow, Lady of Golden Locks and Iron Fists

Haven’t done one of these in a while, bear with me :smirk_cat:

Passive: Kinetic Absorption
After losing 50% of her max health, willow will deal 25% more damage and an additional 2% more damage for every further 1% of missing health.

A: Fists of Charcoal
Willow punches the enemy dealing bonus damage to and stunning them. Willow and the target then dash forwards a few metres. If they hit a wall the target moves through to the other side of the wall and taking execute damage based on their max health.
Instead of having a cooldown, this ability can be used every 5 basic attacks.

B: Bounce Blast
Willow punches the ground instantly, making it ripple and dealing damage to surrounding enemies. During the next second she then can activate the shotguns and jump to a location outside of the damage radius. If she does not jump she gains bonus attack speed and lifesteal for 4 seconds.

Ultimate: Heaven’s Light
Willow becomes goes into a frenzy damaging the enemy continuously for a few seconds while dodging cc and taking 50% reduced damage.

Willow would be a brawler, idealling engaging with her ult and then spamming her a, using her b to escape less ideal situations. She was inspired by yang, the goldilocks rip off from rwby which i started watching recently. Willow is a translation of the chinese word ‘yang’. the ult is called heaven’s light because yangs weapons are called ember celica (celica means heavenly or celestial). i took some creative liberties and changed up some things but i think it generally represents her.


this is what the person was based off but imagine willow wearing more practical clothes and hair that is cared for :kissing_cat:
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Ooh interesting, I like the way the passive works, gives an incentive to keep her at less than 50% health for as long as possible. The B and ult compliment that, giving her the lifesteal and damage reduction to keep her alive for a long time, and it gives her some skill requirements, if you can stop basic attacking for a second to let her take damage to fall below 50% and then start again without getting killed.


Yang Xiao Long best girl :heart:

About Yang

As @Pigstuffs mentioned, Monty Oum’s inspiration for Yang’s character was Goldilocks, in keeping with his overall concept for RWBY as a fairy tale – a story of good versus evil in a world of magic and monsters. Monty’s original concept was developed into the character design seen in the series by the amazingly talented Einlee, who also designed all the other major characters. Her character design art for the start of the series is above.

I really like this hero, btw! She’d be a lot of fun to play!

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not best girl?